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Attention check your emails, read your spams.

Hello everybody, Dating with Ladyboys I want to kindly put to your attention that err often send emails with offers our special galleries inside, maybe you miss them because our messages are falling in your spam box. Do take a look into your spams sometimes. Of our messages arrive in your spam you can mark them as non spam. And take care, it can happen that some bad intentioned people attempt to send you fake emails. Only admins are allowed to send you emails and all our email addresses belong to willappy.com or ggunabi.com domains origine@willappy.com If you don’t want to receive emails from us, you can easily set notices off on your willappy settings. Also, be aware that we will never ask for some personal informations neither bank informations. Willappy support.

Teddy love

The way im waving my own tongue inside my mouth is so pleasing as im starting to write this story thinking about my dear teddy . Dating with Ladyboys The day i got so attached to such an usual thing was the day i first saw it in the toy tarabe . I came in my homecity from school and my daddy picked me up from train station. We had to go buy some groceries and driving through the busy afternoon streets , i was wondering why is there so much people. Daddy told me its a city festival so as we slowly were driving i could see little tarabs selling food, toys, sweets,clothes but this one i fast noticed was fulll FULLL of teddybears ! The first one i saw was a big red teddybear. It had a big heart in the front saying “i love you” and the head was just as big as its body. This was the ...[Read More]

I want to download galleries for free !

hey well, it looks like you’ve got some nice pictures galleries on willappy, but the thing is : I don’t wanna pay for ! Dating with Ladyboys You can get all the galleries we spread onto the willappstore for free… It’s easy! You just need to sign up to our affiliated program  : It’s simple visit this page on order to set your affiliated link it takes less than a minut : willappy affiliated area Once you created your link you can share it and start earning money. You can visit the willappy affiliated area every time you need to check your stats. You can spread your link on your own site, onto some social network like google+ Facebook or Twitter or using emails. You spread your link and get incomes every time you bring us a new membe...[Read More]

How to access or create a secret group on willappy.com

You probably browse our site often browse willappy but you never see the best photos and videos on it… Dating with Ladyboys There is a reason, our members doesn’t send their best content on the public place! There is two ways to add secret content on willappy Set your personal posts as “friends only” Share your secret photos and videos thought private or secret groups. We will talk about the second way today : Share your secret photos and videos thought private or secret groups. And, of course I will tell you how to be added in secret groups. How to be added in a secret group on willappy? Secret groups are secret, so of course, these are not listed in the group list, if you want to be added to a secret group, you need to Be friends with someone who belong to a secre...[Read More]

I need a little minut of your time

Hello. Dating with Ladyboys This post because I want to have users opinion about willappy. It’s like a survey. The first thing I’m interested to know is about the galleries we are selling. So yes we sell galleries we need to make money to keep willappy alive. So I want to know about the galleries, can you tell me. – Yes you are interested and you already bought some – You are interested but you didn’t buy because you fear for your privacy – You are interested but you can’t or you dint want to pay – You are not interested at all – You didn’t get the information about secret galleries. And feel free to let me know what you think about the site. And last question. We need involved people in order to raise willappy. How Do you think y...[Read More]

Illustrated erotic story : I love my job!

I used to read penthouse forum and the stories were hot and made me horny but I never believed any of it was real because that shit doesn’t happen in real life, at least not mine. Until lately. Dating with Ladyboys Hi, I am john, a middle aged (37) electrician and I have my own company, which in this case means I do all the work. I keep it small and simple and have personal relations with all my customers and when I need an extra hand i pick up a mexican by home depot where they wait for work every morning.I am divorced (twice) and have a beautiful 10 year old daughter and I have a girlfriend a few years younger, that wants to be married but i just divorced for the second time little over a year ago.I work for a lot of rich people who don’t care about cost within reason but tru...[Read More]

Mysterious secret galleries

Hello all, Dating with Ladyboys Just wanna tell you that we settled new galleries, you can download up to 100 gigabytes uncensored content, but I can’t tell you more on a public place. Look here : mysterious secret galleries You should start with the : 100 mb gallery got a beginning Feel free to contact beautifulstreet.candid@gmail.com for further informations and sample videos and pictures 😉

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