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Attention check your emails, read your spams.

Hello everybody,

I want to kindly put to your attention that err often send emails with offers our special galleries inside, maybe you miss them because our messages are falling in your spam box.

Do take a look into your spams sometimes.

Of our messages arrive in your spam you can mark them as non spam.

And take care, it can happen that some bad intentioned people attempt to send you fake emails.

Only admins are allowed to send you emails and all our email addresses belong to or domains

If you don’t want to receive emails from us, you can easily set notices off on your willappy settings.

Also, be aware that we will never ask for some personal informations neither bank informations.

Willappy support.

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  1. Thank you.

  2. You are welcome

  3. Sounds Good! Thank you”s all.


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