young girl 23 years old raped pdf bizarre uncensored sex taboo xxx

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Ebook pdf : The rapist chapter 2 – fictive story of melissa raped at 23 years old,

young girl 23 years old raped pdf bizarre uncensored sex taboo xxx

The rapist – fictive story of melissa 23 years old, raped by a friend is  not a true story, none of the characters in this text are existing.



This story is a part of the rape young girl ebook I am actually witing with the helpof hana(young girl raped, taboo story ebook) Please be waware that it is an essay and it is not perfect, we will complete with pictures and make a real ebook when done. Thank you for your comments.

Before reading this, you should read the first part of Melissa’s story


young girl 23 years old raped pdf bizarre uncensored sex taboo xxx

The one on her right breast was

sucking it as deeply into his mouth as he could. Both of them were rubbing a

hand over her stomach and lower chest. The one between her legs had found

her clitoris and was sucking and licking it, occasionally running his tongue

the length of her vagina before returning to her clit. His hands were rubbing

and squeezing her thighs. Involuntarily, her body began trembling under the

ceaseless ministrations.

“Oh, no! Oh, no! Please, please stop it! Oh dear God PLEASE stop it!” Melissa

whimpered. Lifting her head from the grass, she could see the three of them

working on her. She dropped her head back in the grass as a deep moan

escaped from her throat. This couldn’t be happening! It just COULDN’T be!

Not less than a day after being raped by Sebastian and his friends!

“Why me, God? What did I do to deserve this?” she groaned as the three

continued their oral assault on her body.

The one between her legs was now penetrating her vagina with his tongue,

slipping it in and out of her. He continued that for awhile, then slowly ran his

tongue back up to her clitoris to nibble and suck on it before returning to

slipping his tongue in and out of her. The other two were still working on her

breasts, licking and nibbling.

“Ohhhh… ohhhh… mmmmmm…” she moaned softly as her head slowly

turned from side to side. And then there was a new revulsion for Melissa. She

suddenly realized that her body was starting to respond to what was being

done to her. She could feel the excitement growing in the pit of her stomach.

She could feel herself getting wet.

“Don’t! Please don’t make me! Oh, please don’t make me!” Melissa softly

whimpered as the three kept working on her.

The three sailors knew exactly what Melissa was talking about. They could

feel her body beginning to tremble under them. The could feel her beginning

to squirm as they licked and sucked on her most private parts. The one with

his face buried in her crotch could feel her starting to move her hips in time

with him. The bitch was going to blow her cookies! She was going to fucking


“Uuuhhh… uuuhhh… uuuhhh…” Melissa was moaning as her head slowly

lolled from side to side. Her eyes were closed and her breathing was

becoming rapid. “Oh please… uuuhhh… uuuhhh… please d-don’t make me…

uuuhhh… uuuhhh…”

The tongues on her breasts and vagina were working rapidly, sending signals

through Melissa’s nervous system to the involuntary response section of her

brain. Her body was growing more excited with each moment. She was

twisting and squirming under the three sailors.

The one on her right side removed his mouth from her breast. Placing his

hand on the side of her face, he lowered his lips to hers. As Melissa felt his

tongue touch her lips, she opened her mouth to accept him. Their tongues

darted back and forth, sparring with each other.

The sailor on her left side was now kissing her cheek. Breaking her lips away

from the first sailor, Melissa began passionately kissing the second while the

other nibbled on her neck. Both were massaging her breasts with their hands

while the third worked on her vagina.

“No. Oh, no.” Melissa whispered. “Wrong. This… this is wrong. Ohhhhhhh.”

The two sailors were back at her breasts, sucking and nibbling.

“Oh, no… uuuhhh… uuuhhh… uuhhh… oh, p-please st-stop… uuuhhh…

uuuhhh… uuuhhh… don’t make me… don’t make me… oh! oh! Noooo! Please


Melissa’s head snapped back and her back arched as a massive orgasm swept

through her. Her entire body was trembling violently and she was thrusting

her hips against the face of the sailor between her legs. Her head was

snapping from side to side as her body spasmed again and again.

“Oh God! Oh God ! Ohhhhhhhhhuuuuuuuuuuuu…..” she groaned as her

orgasm began to subside. Slowly, the trembling of her body abated. The

tension relaxed and her body settled into the grass, a fine coating of

perspiration covering her. As her head began to clear, she was suddenly

swept with a feeling of total shame and revulsion.

“Oh God!” she whimpered as tears began streaking her face. “Oh, God! I

couldn’t have! I just couldn’t have!”

“You sure did, baby!” said the sailor between her legs as he raised himself to

his knees. “You sure did. You blew your load big time, MAJOR orgasm, and

now it’s our turn.’

Melissa saw the sailor begin to undo the thirteen button fly on the front of his

uniform trousers and her mind snapped back to reality.

“No!” she screamed as she once more began fighting. Her arms were still

pinned to the ground by the sailors laying on either side of her, but her legs

were free. She began kicking at the rapist between her legs, hitting him in

the side of the head several times.

“Get her legs! Get her fucking legs!” he yelled at the other two. Each of the

sailors grabbed one of Melissa’s legs under the knee and pulled it towards

himself, forcing her thighs up near her rib cage.

“Perfect!” said the one between her legs as he pulled out his huge, stiff penis

and began moving towards the vagina so completely exposed before him.


screamed as he sunk his dick completely into her warm, wet vagina with one

vicious thrust. The angle of her body allowed him to penetrate her more

deeply than she had imagined possible, He threw his weight onto her as he

drove over and over into her depths, causing her body to twitch in pain with

each inward thrust. She tried pushing him away with her legs, but his two

friends held her fast.

“Oh, please stop it! PLEASE stop it! I can’t take anymore! I just can’t TAKE


“Shit!” replied the sailor with his dick buried in Melissa’s body. “What do you

mean you can’t take anymore? We just started, bitch!” He was completely

unaware of the fact that less than twenty-four hours earlier Melissa had been

repeatedly gang raped by five young men. Of course, if he had known, it

wouldn’t have made any difference.

“Uuuhhh… uuuhhh… Oh! Oh! Oh!… nnnuuuuuuuuuu… uuuhhh… uuuhhh… ”

Melissa could feel the sweat beginning to bead on her forehead as the sailor

continued raping her, grinding against her pelvic bone as he forced his meat

as deeply into her as he could. She could see her bare feet above her head,

bouncing in the air as he relentlessly pounded into her body.

Grabbing the hair on both sides of her head, he covered her lips with his and

forced his tongue into her mouth. Melissa moaned as he continued driving

into her body while his tongue moved around inside her mouth. He was

pulling out of her until only the head of his dick remained inside her, then

jamming himself back into her as viciously as he could. Melissa’s body

jumped and she cried out with each penetration. Lifting his face from hers,

the rapist gazed into Melissa’s eyes. He loved seeing the pain and fear in

women’s eyes while he raped them. Loved seeing the revulsion as they felt

his cum filling their hole. He moaned deep in his throat as he began fucking

Melissa faster and faster.

“Oh God! Oh God!… uuuhhh… uuuhhh… uuuhhh… p-please stop… Oh! Oh!…

uuuhhh… uuuhhh… uuuhhh… N-no more! P-please no m-more!” Melissa cried

as the dick inside her drove into her with increasing ferocity. The sailor saw

her brow furrow, saw her eyes squeeze shut, and his excitement increased.

“Oh fuck!” he groaned as he felt his balls begin to tighten. “Oh fucking hell!”

Melissa felt him swelling inside her, felt him becoming more brutal with each

thrust. She knew he was getting close, knew that she was on the verge of

once again being used as a receptacle for an animal’s sperm.

“Uuuhhh… uuuhhh… uuuhhh… P-please…d-don’t!… Uuuhhh… uuuhhh…

Don’t c-cum …owww… inside…me! Uuuhhh… uuuhhh… P-please not…

nnnnuuuu…. in-inside me!” Melissa pleaded.

“Oh, shit! Oh, shit! OH SHIIITTTT!!!”

“NNNOOOOOOO! GOD NNNOOOOOO!!!” Melissa screamed as she felt him

pumping his thick cum into her body. She felt the heat spreading through her

as he sprayed more and more of his foul liquid into her. Finally, with last

brutal thrust and a groan of satisfaction, he collapsed on top of her ravaged


Lifting himself up, the sailor pulled his softening member from her body and

said “NEXT!”

“Here, latch on to her, man!” the sailor on her right said.

Melissa tried to break free as the two sailors changed places, but it was a

futile effort. In a matter of moments, the sailor who had already raped her

had her arm pinned beneath him and his elbow behind her knee, holding her

leg up to completely expose her. The sailor who was now between her legs

was fumbling with his fly.

“Please don’t!” Melissa pleaded with him as he pulled his dick from his

trousers. “Oh, please don’t do this! Not again! Oh, PLEASE not again! It’s too

much! Please no! Please nnnooooouuuuuuuuhhhhhh!” Melissa moaned as the

sailor laid on top of her and shoved his swollen meat up inside her.

As he nuzzled her neck, Melissa felt his hands rubbing her body, moving to

her breasts. He took one breast in each hand and began kneading them

roughly while he stroked his meat in her body.

“OWWWW! You’re HURTING me! DON’T!” Melissa screamed as the sailor on

top of her squeezed both of her tits viciously. He had his full weight on

Melissa, crushing her to the ground. His face was buried in her neck and she

could hear him moaning into her ear as he continued brutalizing her.

“Nnuuuu… nnuuu… nnuuu…” Melissa moaned with the exertions of the rape.

She could feel the sweat trickling down the sides of her face and into her

hair. The frustration and helplessness she felt were overwhelming. What had

she done to deserve this? What could she have possibly done that was so

terrible as to deserve such a hideous punishment?

“Nnuuu… nnuuu… nnuuu… p-please… nnuuu… st-stop…. ohhhhhh…. I

can’t… I can’t… nnuuu… nnuuu… no more… no mouuuummmmpphhh…

mmmuummpphh” Melissa was cut off as the sailor raping her forced his

tongue deeply into her mouth, his hands gripping the hair on either side of

her head.

The sailor was becoming more frantic in his movements, grinding Melissa

into the ground with increasing force. He had his tongue deep in her mouth,

intertwining it with her own. She felt his hips pounding against her with

increasing speed and force. Her body jumped and twitched each time the

rock hard dick was driven intro her. She felt him swelling even more inside

her, heard him moaning deep in his throat.

“Mmmmmuuummmmppphhhhh!” Melissa groaned around the sailor’s tongue

as she felt his dick throbbing and twitching inside her. The warmth spreading

through her told her that once more she was being flooded with a load of

cum. The sailor kept pistoning into her body as he drained the last of his

sperm into her.

“Christ!” the sailor moaned as he released Melissa’s mouth. “Oh Jesus Christ

was that good!”

Melissa whimpered softly as the dick inside her slowly softened. She knew

that her ordeal was not yet over. The third sailor was surely going to want his

turn on her. He wouldn’t participate this far and then not rape her himself.

“Come on, man, move it!” she heard the third sailor say to the one who was

still buried inside her. “I’m so Goddamned hard from watching you two get

laid that I could drive nails with my dick!”

“Okay, okay. Hold your horses. Jeeze.” the second muttered as he pulled out

of Melissa.

The third sailor was definitely ready. As the second sailor took his place to

pin Melissa down, the third moved between her legs and immediately

crammed himself into her. Melissa’s back arched and every muscle in her

body snapped taut as a scream escaped her throat. He was HUGE! Melissa

had never imagined ANY man could be so BIG!


PLEASE, PLEASE STOP! OH GOD STOP!” she begged as her head snapped from

side to side. She squeezed her eyes shut and ground her teeth together as

the huge member was slowly withdrawn from her, and then just as slowly

shoved back in. She groaned as she felt the massive dick in her bottom out

against her cervix . She felt as if he were going to tear through her uterus

and continue into her stomach.

Melissa begged the sailor to stop, pleaded with him to end her agony. The

sailor merely grinned at her as over and over again he sunk the full length of

his meat into her battered hole. Melissa was sure that she wouldn’t survive

this latest rape.

“NO MORE! OH GOD NO MORE! Nnuuu… nnuuu… nnuuu… OH GOD, OH GOD…

nnuuu… nnuuu… ST-STOP IT… nnuuu… nnuuu… P-P-PLEASE… OH! OH! OH!…

PLEASE, OH PLEASE STOP IT!” Melissa cried out as she was repeatedly

impaled on the monstrous dick that invaded her body. She was covered with

sweat and every muscle in her body was trembling. She jumped involuntarily

with every inward thrust.

Still the rape continued. To Melissa, it seemed as if time was standing still, as

if this ordeal would never end. She was beginning to feel that she was in Hell,

that she would spend eternity pinned to the ground with this massive organ

tearing her insides apart. It would never end. Never. What had she done to

deserve this? What could she have POSSIBLY done to deserve this?

“Oh yeah.” the sailor muttered as he began slowly increasing the pace of the

assault. He was moving in and out of Melissa with a little more speed and

force that before. Melissa could feel the difference as her tears merged with

the sweat that matted her hair to the side of her head. She screamed and

pleaded, but it all fell on deaf ears.

“OH GOD! OH GOD! OH! OH! OH! NNNOOOOOO!!” she screamed as the sailor

pounded into her, reaching depths that she had never imagined possible. “OH


Faster and faster he drove his massive organ into Melissa’s trembling body,

grinding her into the dirt and tearing screams from her throat with each

violent penetration. Melissa twisted and squirmed beneath him, trying

against hope to escape from the monster inside her.



The sailor was working himself into a frenzy, driving viciously into Melissa as

his excitement increased. He felt his balls tightening as he approached

orgasm. He began groaning as his balls prepared to explode.

“NNNOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!” Melissa arched her back and

screamed as the sailor jammed his huge dick completely into her and held it

there. She felt the massive dick inside her twitching and throbbing as he

sprayed his load deep inside her brutalized body. She felt the warmth filling

her as he continued shooting cum inside her. Finally, mercifully, he relaxed

some of the pressure on Melissa’s body. With a sigh of satisfaction, he slowly

withdrew his meat from her trembling body and stood up.

The other two sailors released their grips on Melissa’s legs and also stood up.

Melissa collapsed in the grass, exhausted from the ordeal she had just been

through. She felt the cool breeze evaporating the sweat that coated her body

as she stared at the leaves of the trees that shaded the area.

The three sailors were smoking cigarettes and talking quietly. Melissa

couldn’t hear what they were saying. Turning, they approached her. Two of

them leaned down and grabbed her by the wrists while the third pulled

several pieces of light rope from under his jersey.

“What are you doing? Please, leave me alone! You’ve all had me, you’ve all

had what you wanted, so just leave me alone! PLEASE just leave me alone!”

she pleaded as they dragged her a short distance to a small sapling, where

two of them pinned her arms down above her head, one on either side of the

small tree, while the third tied her wrists together. Finished with that, they

tied a piece of rope to each of Melissa’s ankles and tied the other ends to two

other small trees. Melissa was tied down, helpless, with her legs spread open.

“Please let me go. I won’t say anything. I promise! Please!” Melissa begged.

One of the sailors took out a handkerchief and stuffed it into Melissa’s mouth.

A second handkerchief was tied around her head to hold the first in place,

making and effective gag.

“Now you just wait here, sweetmeat. We’re going to go get a couple of beers,

and then we’ll come back and show you a real good time.” one of the sailors

told her before the three turned and walked away. Melissa was left alone,

tied naked and spread-eagle in the grass.


Melissa lost track of time. She wasn’t sure how long it had been since the

three sailors had left her alone in the woods. She had been trying

unsuccessfully to free herself from the rope that tied her wrists together ever

since they had gone. What would they do when they came back? And then

Melissa was struck with an even more frightening thought. What would SHE

do if they DIDN’T come back? Would someone find her before she died of


She was still struggling when she heard something. Was it the three

Americans coming back? She lay still and listened. Finally, she made it out. It

was somebody humming. Somebody was walking through the woods

humming! If she could only attract their attention.

“MMMMMMMMM!” Melissa tried screaming into her gag. If she could hear the

walker’s humming, then maybe that person was close enough to hear her.


The humming stopped. Melissa stayed quiet for a moment and listened. She

heard nothing. “MMMMMMMMMM! MMMMMMMMMMMMM!” she tried again.

This time she heard someone moving towards her through the brush. Thank

God! Now if only the person could free her and she could get dressed and

away before the Americans returned. She heard the person coming closer.

“Lord! And what have we here, now?” The voice came from above her head,

out of her line of sight.

“Mmmmmmm!’ she moaned into the gag, trying to communicate the urgency

of the situation.

She heard someone walking towards her. Finally he came into view. He was

in his early thirties, slender with dark hair. He let his gaze drift slowly over

Melissa’s naked body, noting the way she was tied down.

“You’ve gotten yourself in quite a fix, haven’t you, luv?” he said in a soft

voice. “Yes indeed. Quite a fix.”

“Mmmmmmm!” Melissa moaned, the plea for help evident in her eyes. He

looked her up and down once more. Why wasn’t he untying her? What was

the matter with him?

“Well, dear old dad always said ‘Never look a gift horse in the mouth.'”

Melissa’s eyes grew round as she saw him reach down and open his zipper.

“MMMMMMMMM!” she screamed into her gag and shook her head “No” as he

knelt down between her legs.

“Come on now, luv. Relax and enjoy it!” he grinned at her as he ran his hands

over her body. Laying his chest on her stomach, he started sucking on her

breasts. Melissa groaned in frustration as the stranger moved back and forth

between her breasts, his hands traveling up and down her sides while he

sucked on her nipples.

Slowly, he began moving down, kissing and licking her lower chest, nibbling

at her as he moved to her stomach. He was nibbling his way down her body,

moving from left to right and back again as he did. Finally reaching the tops

of Melissa’s thighs, he nibbled and licked each of her legs in turn. Then,

slowly, he was moving down between her legs.

Melissa tensed as he sucked her clitoris into his mouth. He flicked his tongue

gently and rapidly over her clit while continuing a gentle sucking. At the

same time, his hands were massaging both of her breasts. Melissa closed her

eyes and moaned. This couldn’t be real. It couldn’t be!

Melissa felt a stirring in the pit of her stomach as the stranger kept

performing oral sex on her. The feeling spread as Melissa realized that she

was becoming aroused. How could she become aroused? How could she be

responding to this? She was being RAPED for God’s sake! How could she be

responding like this? But he was being gentle. He was being so awfully


“Mmmmmmm” she moaned softly as he kept up his ministrations. She could

feel her excitement growing as his tongue softly and quickly massaged her

most sensitive spot. Her breathing was becoming deeper and more rapid as

her head slowly rolled from side to side.

“That’s better, luv. That’s much better.” she heard him mutter as she moaned

softly. God, it felt so good! Bit how could it? How could it feel good when it

was rape? She didn’t know. She just knew that she was getting more and

more turned on as he steadily and gently sucked her clit and licked her


Melissa was softly moaning almost continually now. Her body was squirming

in the grass and her hips were beginning to move against the stranger’s face.

She knew she shouldn’t be feeling this way, that she shouldn’t be acting this

way, but she couldn’t help it.

As Melissa grew more excited, the stranger increased his ministrations. He

was doing everything he could to arouse her to a fever pitch, and he was


“MMMM!…MMMM!…MMMM!…MMMM!” escaped past Melissa’s gag. Her head

was moving from side to side and her hips were thrusting to meet the

stranger’s mouth. Her body was coated with a thin film of sweat. Melissa was

past the point of no return. Mentally, she was no longer tied down in

Greenwich Park. Her mind was in that separate place that people go to

mentally when sexually aroused in the extreme.

I one fluid motion, the stranger lifted his face from Melissa’s crotch and

moved up to lay on her chest. Melissa moaned softly as he slipped his penis

into her well lubricated vagina and started moving in time with her. His

pelvis was pressed against hers, maintaining pressure against her clit as they

moved together.

“Mmmm…mmmm….mmmm…” Melissa moaned as he moved inside her. As he

began increasing his pace, she followed suit, moving with him as they both

became more aroused. Faster and faster he drove into her as her responses

became more intense.

Melissa was writhing in the grass, moaning in time with the thrusts into her

body. Her excitement was building. She could feel herself approaching


“Oh God! Oh GOD! OH GOD!!!!” he groaned in Melissa’s ear as he reached his

limit of endurance. “UUUUHHHHHHHHH OOOOHHHHhhhhh!!!!”

“MMMMMMMMM! MMMM! MMMMMMMMmmmmmm!” The orgasm swept

through Melissa at the same time that she felt him cumming inside her. Still

he was driving into her as she moved to keep pace with him. They were both

being wracked by the orgasms they were experiencing. Finally, with a last

shudder of their bodies, they both collapsed, breathing deeply to catch their


Slowly, Melissa’s mind cleared. The weight pressing her to the ground

brought her to reality. The realization of what she had just done sickened

her. How could she have reacted like that? How could she have co-operated?


She felt the body on top of her begin to move. Slowly, he lifted himself off of

her, withdrawing from her as he did. Standing up, he rearranged his cloths

and fastened his trousers.

“Mmmmmmmmm.” Melissa looked at him, her eyes pleading with him not to

leave her like this.

“Sorry, luv.” he said. “If I turn you loose, you may turn me in. Besides, it’s not

sporting to interfere with someone else’s game.” With that, he turned and

walked away.

Feelings of frustration, rage and betrayal flooded through her as the tears

rolled down the sides of her face. This wasn’t fair. This just wasn’t FAIR! She

hadn’t DONE anything! She didn’t DESERVE this!

Melissa lay helpless in the grass, crying out her pain. She lost track of time as

her mind searched for reasons that didn’t exist.


Melissa had no idea how long it had been since the stranger had finished with

her and left. She knew that the sun was beginning to dip into the western sky

and the shadows were beginning to stretch across the grass floor of the park.

The three sailors had been gone for a good part of the afternoon. Maybe they

had forgotten about her. Maybe they were on their way back to London,

leaving her helpless and on her own. She wasn’t sure which frightened her

more, the prospect of them coming back, or the prospect of them not coming


It was then that she heard the noise in the distance. It sounded like singing.

Very, very bad singing. Melissa realized it was the three American sailors

returning, and they sounded quite drunk. They were bad enough before.

What would they be like drunk?

The off-key singing continued until the three sailors came through the brush

and into the clearing.

“Well, would you look at this!” the one slurred. “She waited for us! Now

wasn’t that nice of her?” The three sailors thought that this was hysterically

funny, the one actually loosing his balance and falling to the ground he was

laughing so hard.

“Ya know what I want?” one said to no one in particular. “I wanna get laid.

Yep. That’s what I want. What about you little lady? You wanna get laid?”

Melissa whimpered and shook her head “no”.

“See?” the sailor said to his two friends. “She wants me! Ain’t that great?”

The other two were again laughing themselves silly as he moved towards

Melissa, fumbling with his fly as he went.

The sailor had his dick in his hand as he knelt between Melissa’s legs. She

grunted as he dropped drunkenly on top of her. She could feel his hand

between them, guiding himself to her vagina. She felt him pressing against

her, then felt him spread her open as he shoved his meat up inside her.

Melissa groaned as he penetrated her completely.

“Oh yeah.” he muttered drunkenly. “Oh, yeah, you got some good pussy,


There was nothing that Melissa could do. Tied down and gagged, she could

neither fight nor beg as the sailor commenced raping her. Melissa closed her

eyes and waited for it to be over. She felt his hot breath on her neck as he

moved inside her. He was stroking into her slowly, obviously in no hurry.

Melissa wondered how long it would take. She prayed that he would hurry

and finish.

Melissa could hear the other two sailors laughing and encouraging their


“Fuck her good, man! Tear her snatch open!”

“Yeah! Fuck her till she bleeds, boy! Fuck her till she bleeds!”

Melissa felt her face go hot in shame. It was bad enough to be used like a

piece of meat with no feelings or pride. But these animals were acting like

she was some kind of entertainment, like she was some kind of floor show.

She had never felt so embarrassed in her life.

“Mmmmm…mmmmm…mmmmm” she started moaning as he drove into her

harder and faster. His dick was swelling even more as his excitement grew.

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!” Melissa winced and cried out in pain as he

roughly pinched one of her nipples between his thumb and fore finger.


“That’s it, bitch! Make some noise! I like it when bitches make noise!”

“MMMMMM….MMMMM….MMMMM….MMMMM!” Melissa moaned loudly each

time he drove into her, trying to keep him happy so he wouldn’t abuse her

nipple anymore. Maybe it would turn him on so he would cum faster. Maybe

that would make it end sooner. “MMMMM….MMMMM….MMMMM!”

“Oh yeah! That’s better! That’s better!” he muttered as he pounded into her

over and over again.

“MMMMM…MMMMM…MMMMM…MMMMMMmmmmmmmmmm.” her moan

trailed off as she felt him twitching inside her, felt the familiar warmth

spreading through her. Gradually, he slowed his pace until he finally lay still

on top of her, breathing heavily.

“Oh shit! Oh, shit, you’re a good fuck!”

Melissa’s face turned even more crimson. Good? GOOD? She had done

NOTHING! This wasn’t sex, it wasn’t making love, it was RAPE! She was a

VICTIM, not a PARTICIPANT! What kind of scum WERE these three?

With a sigh, he pulled out of Melissa and rose unsteadily to his feet. As he

stood there getting his uniform back in some semblance of order, she

realized that the sun was starting to go down. Were they going to keep her

here all night? What was going to happen? The uncertainty was terrifying!

“Untie her ankles.” she heard one of them say. Almost immediately, two of

them were kneeling at her feet, working on the ropes that held her legs

immobile. Drunk as they were, it took them a few minutes to free her.

“Now” the voice said, “roll her over!”

Melissa’s eyes bulged. She tried kicking at the two sailors kneeling at her

feet, but it was futile. Each of them grabbed the ankle in front of the other

and pulled that leg towards themselves. This forced Melissa over onto her

stomach, her arms now crossed above her head.

“MMMMMMMMMMM!” she screamed into the gag as she tried breaking loose

from the hands that gripped her ankles. She felt the third sailor knelling

between her legs, then felt him lower himself onto her back. His hand was

between them, guiding his dick to her rectum.

“MM….MM….MM….MM!” she cried as he began forcing himself into her. With

every thrust, he penetrated her a little deeper.

“MM…MM…MM…MMMMMMMMMMMMMM!” she screamed into the gag as the

sailor on her back finally drove the full length of his meat into her bowels.

Sunk completely into her, he began grinding his pelvis against her ass,

forcing the head of his dick even deeper into her. The two that had held her

ankles released her, knowing there was no longer any reason to hold her


“MMMMM…MMMMM…MMMMM…MMMMM!” Melissa cried out every time he

drove into her. Her brow was furrowed and her eyes were squeezed tightly

shut. She kicked futilely with her legs as she was brutally sodomized. She felt

as if her insides were being torn apart.

“MMM….MMM….MMMMMMMMM….MMM….MMM!” Melissa was squirming and

twisting under the sailor in an attempt to break free of him, or at least to

limit how deeply he was penetrating her. Oh, God, please let him be quick!

Oh, dear God PLEASE let him be quick! Once again, she felt herself breaking

out in a sweat from the exertions of the rape.

“M..M..M..M..MMMMMMM…mmm…M..M..M..MMMMMMMMM!!” The sailor had

his full weight on Melissa, crushing her to the ground. He weighed close to

two hundred pounds, and she was having trouble breathing. She felt him

chewing on her neck and shoulder as he repeatedly impaled her with his

swollen member.

He was pulling most of the way out of her before jamming himself back into

her with all the force he could muster. Over and over he did this, viciously

and brutally penetrating as deeply into her bowels as possible. Melissa

jumped in pain and screamed into her gag with every thrust. How much more

could she take? How much more could they EXPECT her to take? She felt as if

she would loose her mind if this kept up much longer.

Melissa heard the sailor beginning to groan. He was driving into her with

ever increasing speed. She prayed that he was close, that he would cum and

end this misery. She didn’t care anymore, just so long he FINISHED!

“MMM…MMM…MMMMMMMM….MMM…M..M..M..MMMMM!!” she moaned

repeatedly. He was moving faster now, almost frenzied in his actions. He was

jamming himself into her as if he WANTED to tear her open.


“Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Oh yeah!” he repeated as he felt his balls tightening. He

was right on the verge now.


Melissa groaned as she felt him flooding her bowels with his sperm. She felt

him spraying his seed into her in wave after wave of warm fluid. Then, he

began slowing, slowing then finally, mercifully, he stopped and lay on her

back, breathing deeply. Melissa could feel him softening inside her. It

seemed an eternity before he finally pulled out of her and stood up.

“Please, God. Please let it be over.” she prayed silently.

“You going for another crack at her?” she heard one of them say.

“Yeah.” she heard the third sailor say. “And I know just what I’m going to do,


“What’s that?” asked the other.

“You ever see the movie ‘Deliverance’? Well, I’m gonna take her over to that

tree. I’m gonna tie her to that tree with the rope around her neck. Then, I’m

gonna fuck her in the mouth!”

Melissa felt sick to her stomach. The thought of him putting his filthy dick,

with her own dried fluids on it, into her mouth was revolting. The thought of

his sperm flooding her throat was even worse.

He knelt down and undid the gag around her head and pulled the sodden

handkerchief from her mouth. She felt him fumbling with the ropes that still

bound her hands around the sapling. Then, her hands were free. The sailor,

still drunk and slightly unsteady, grabbed her and pulled her to her feet.

“Oh God, please don’t do this! Please, not this!” Her pleas fell on deaf ears.

She noticed that the first sailor was sitting in the grass with his back against

a tree, apparently sleeping or passed out. The second sailor, the one who had

just sodomized her, was relieving himself on a bush. The third sailor, though,

had a firm grip on both her arms and was dragging her to the tree he had

indicated. Melissa trembled in fear.

“You can’t do this to me. You just CAN’T! Please, PLEASE don’t!”

It had become quite dark now. Unsteady due to drink, and paying more

attention to Melissa than to where he was going, the sailor stumbled.

Instinctively, he released his grip on Melissa to reach out and break his fall.

Melissa saw her chance. Turning, she began running towards Greenwich.

Bending over without stopping, she scooped up her blouse and trousers from

where they lay in the grass. She didn’t get her bra or panties, but that didn’t


“GET HER!” she heard the drunken sailor yell as she ran out of the clearing.

Melissa could hear them coming after her, crashing through the bushes. She

had tried to outrun them before and they had caught her, but they had been

sober then. Now they were drunk. Drunk and uncoordinated. And Melissa

was afraid. The adrenalin that was coursing through her blood stream gave

her an extra edge.

She continued running naked through the dark woods, her blouse and

trousers gripped in one hand, her arms pumping in time with her legs. She

felt her lungs beginning to burn, but she did not slow down. Slowly, ever so

slowly, the sounds of pursuit became more distant, until finally, they ceased

altogether. Still Melissa ran. She was taking no chances. She ran naked until

she saw the lights of the buildings of the National Maritime Museum along

King William Walk…. (To be continued)



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