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Ebook pdf : The rapist chapter 3 – fictive story of melissa raped at 23 years old,

young girl 23 years old raped pdf bizarre uncensored sex taboo xxx

The rapist – fictive story of melissa 23 years old, raped by a friend is  not a true story, none of the characters in this text are existing.



This story is a part of the rape young girl ebook I am actually witing with the helpof hana(young girl raped, taboo story ebook) Please be waware that it is an essay and it is not perfect, we will complete with pictures and make a real ebook when done. Thank you for your comments.

Before reading this, you should read the first part of Melissa’s story


young girl 23 years old raped pdf bizarre uncensored sex taboo xxx

Melissa paused just behind the last of the shrubs of Greenwich park.

Listening intently for the slightest noise, she quickly put on her blouse and

trousers. She had no underwear or shoes, she looked disheveled, but she was

covered. As soon as she was dressed, she stepped out onto the Walk and

headed for Greenwich Pier. Fortunately, she had carried her money and

identification in her trouser pocket that day. Even her return ticket on the

tour boat was in her pocket.

She noticed that there were still several people walking about in singles,

couples and small groups. That gave her a small feeling of safety. Even if the

three Americans caught up with her, they wouldn’t dare to try anything in


Melissa saw two uniformed Bobbies talking under a street light. For an

instant, she thought of stopping them and reporting what had happened. She

could make sure that the American sailors were punished.

But then she would have to testify. She would have to tell everything that

had happened to her. Everything that had been done to her by the three

sailors and the stranger. They would want to know why she was in

Greenwich. Yesterday (was it only yesterday?) with Sebastian and his four

friends would come out. She would have to go into court and publicly admit

that she had been used repeatedly by nine different men over a period of

roughly thirty hours.

Melissa walked past the two Bobbies without stopping.

As she reached the pier, she began to tremble. Everything that had

happened, everything that had been done to her, began closing in on her. Her

legs felt weak. She was afraid she would collapse if she didn’t sit down. She

saw a Pub nearby and made her way to the door. Entering, she found a small,

empty table near the window. Gratefully, she slid into the seat.

“What can I get you, luv?” Melissa nearly jumped out of her chair when the

barmaid spoke to her.

Her hand to her chest, her heart racing, Melissa closed her eyes and took a

deep breath to compose herself.

“Are you alright?” the barmaid asked worriedly. ”

Yes, yes I’m fine, thank you. I… I just… uh… nothing. It’s nothing. Vodka

please. A large vodka.” Melissa wasn’t a heavy drinker, but tonight, tonight

she felt a real need for it.

As she sat there looking out the window, her heart skipped a beat. The two

Bobbies she had seen earlier were walking along with three disheveled

American sailors. Probably pinching them for being drunk or something. Well,

at least Melissa could relax, now. She would be back in London before those

three were released. She didn’t have to worry about them anymore.

The barmaid came with her drink. Melissa picked it up and sipped it

gratefully. What an ungodly two days this had been. But at least it’s over,

Melissa thought as her trembling hand lifted the glass to her lips. At least

now it’s over.

Melissa_s Tribulation III

Melissa was sitting alone in the Red Lion Pub in Greenwich. She took a sip of

the vodka she had ordered and gazed out the window. Her body ached

terribly from the abuse she had suffered over the last two days. It was hard

for even Melissa to comprehend what had actually happened to her.

Yesterday, she had been repeatedly raped by her own brother and four of his

friends in London. As a result of that, she had come to Greenwich today to

clear her head and think. Unfortunately, she ran into three American sailors

who had other ideas for her. After they had each raped her, they had tied her

down and gagged her, leaving her in the woods while they went to a pub.

During the time that they were gone, a stranger had come across Melissa,

and instead of helping her, he had also raped her and left her as he had found

her. When the sailors returned, she was raped twice more before managing

to escape.

“Mind if I sit down, luv?”

Melissa looked up to see the barmaid who had served her. She shook her

head “no” and went back to staring out the window. The barmaid sat in the

chair across the small table from Melissa.

“My name’s Dani.” She looked questioningly at Melissa.

“Melissa.” she answered the unasked question.

“Nice to meet you, Melissa. I just thought I’d see if you’re alright. Not feeling

too well, are you?”

Melissa glanced at the barmaid, then went back to staring out the window.

“Look,” Dani said softly, “this may not be any of my business, but you look

like bloody hell!”

“Gee, thanks.” Melissa muttered.

“No offence intended. But really. Look at yourself. Your eyes are swollen and

puffy from crying, your hair is matted down, there are two buttons missing

from your blouse, your trousers are grass stained and you’ve no shoes on.”

“Okay. So I’m not a neat person.”

“I’ve got some experience with this, luv. Quite a bit of experience, actually. I

can tell when a girl has been raped.”

Melissa stared at her, not knowing what to say. Was it that obvious? Did

everyone in the pub know?

“Easy, luv. None of the blokes in here are smart enough to recognize the

signs. It’s just between us.”

“Okay,” Melissa replied, “it happened. It’s over. I just want to go home.”

“Where’s home?” Dani asked.

“London. I’ve a return ticket on the tour boat.”

“Are you sure you want to take the boat in the condition you’re in? And what

about the tube when you get to London?”

“I don’t seem to have much choice, now do I?” Melissa said.

“I let a small cottage just outside of town.” Dani told her. “It’s an easy walk.

You’re welcome to spend the night. Get a shower, clean up some, a good

nights sleep. In the morning, we can get you something decent to wear.”

“I’m a stranger. Why do you want to help me?”

“I told you. I’ve some experience with this.” Her look was far away. Then a

smile returned to her face. “Besides, us girls have to stick together, don’t


“It does sound appealing.” Melissa sighed. “I can’t tell you how tired I feel.”

“Then it’s settled. As soon as I finish my shift, we can leave.” Dani smiled and

stood up, then pointed at Melissa’s glass. “I’ll get you another, on the house.

You look like you could use it.”

By the time Dani finished work, Melissa had consumed three large vodkas.

Since she had not eaten all day, she felt quite light-headed.

“Ready to go?” Dani asked with a smile.

“Ready.” Melissa replied as she rose unsteadily to her feet. Dani took her by

the arm and guided her out the door. In not quite twenty minutes, they had

arrived at Dani’s small cottage. Unlocking the door, Dani lead Melissa inside.

“Not so big, but I call it home.” Dani said as Melissa looked around. They

were in a small sitting room furnished with a couch, two chairs and a coffee

table. There was a book case against the wall with a cheap print hanging to

either side. A doorway directly across from them opened onto a small

kitchenette. To the right were two more doors, one leading to the bedroom,

the other to the bath.

“It’s very nice.” Melissa told Dani.

Dani smiled. “It serves it’s purpose. That’s the bathroom. I’ll get you a towel

and a nightgown.”

Dani disappeared into the bedroom. In less than two minutes, she returned

with a large fluffy towel, a white nylon nightgown and a pair of white nylon


“We’re near the same size.” Dani told her. “These should fit reasonably well.”

“Thank you.” Melissa smiled. “I don’t really know what to say.”

“Then say nothing. Shampoo and conditioner are on the shelf in the shower.

Soap is in the dish.”

Melissa stepped into the bathroom and closed the door. She removed her

soiled blouse and trousers and inspected herself in the mirror. Dani was

right. She did look like bloody hell. Turning on the shower, she adjusted the

water temperature to be as hot as she could stand it and stepped in. Picking

up the soap, she lathered and rinsed three times, trying to get the feeling of

being dirty off of her. She then shampooed and rinsed her hair twice. Turning

off the water, Melissa stepped out onto the bathmat and picked up the towel.

After toweling off, she picked up the hair dryer and brush from the sink and

dried her hair. When she was done, she dressed in the underwear and

nightgown that Dani had supplied. The white nylon gown was a near perfect

fit, somewhat low cut in the front and mid thigh in length. It hugged

Melissa’s body as if made for her.

Melissa opened the door and stepped into the small sitting room. Dani was

sitting in one of the chairs wearing a silk robe, her legs curled under her and

a book in her lap.

“Feeling better?”

“Much.” Melissa replied.

“I made you a sandwich.” Dani said, nodding towards the coffee table. “I’d

be willing to wager that it’s been ages since you’ve eaten.”

“You’d win that wager.” Melissa said, as she sat down. Next to the sandwich

was a large glass of milk. “You do seem to understand, don’t you?”

“I told you, I have experience.”

“You?” Melissa asked softly.

Dani nodded. “I was fifteen years old. Still a virgin. I’m not even sure how

many of them there were. They did everything to me that you can think of,

and some things that you probably can’t. I guess I understand how much a

little kindness can mean sometimes.”

“I’m sorry.” Melissa said.

“Forget about it. It was a long time ago. Now eat your food.” Dani smiled at


They sat in silence while Melissa ate. She hadn’t realized how hungry she had


“Would you like anything else?” Dani asked when Melissa had finished.

“No, thanks. That was plenty.”

“Listen. I know that right now you feel like you can never, ever talk about

what happened. You just want to push it to the back of you mind and bury it.

But take it from me, don’t keep it bottled up. It’s no good for you. Find

someone to tell. It’s really the best thing.”

“I’ll try, Dani. But I think it will take a long time. I’m not sure that I could

stand seeing the pity in a person’s eyes while I told them what happened.”

“Well, give it some thought, just the same. And now, let’s get you to bed. A

nights rest will help.”


It was late afternoon and Melissa was on the tour boat, watching the shore

pass by as it slowly made it’s way up the Thames toward London. Dani, the

stranger who had become a dear friend overnight, had supplied Melissa with

fresh underwear, socks, jeans, t-shirt and sneakers. Melissa had promised to

keep in touch and to contact Dani if she needed anything.

She thought how strange it was that some people were so evil and heartless

while others gave so freely of themselves. Even after what Dani had been

through herself, she had refused to become either cynical or self serving.

Melissa wondered if she would be able to deal with her own experience as

well as Dani.

The tour boat docked at Westminster Pier and Melissa stood up to disembark.

As she crossed the pier and began climbing the steps, she wondered at how it

seemed absolutely ages since she had left London rather than just one day. It

seemed as if she were returning after a long, long journey.

Entering the Underground station, Melissa made her way to the platform for

the train that would take her home. As she boarded the train, she wondered

what her apartment would seem like when she got there. If the familiar

streets of London seemed strange, would her own apartment seem alien as


The train slowed to a stop at Melissa’s station. As the doors sighed open, she

stepped onto the platform and turned to the exit. The sun was just starting to

go down while she walked to the building that housed her apartment. Her

brother Sebastian also had an apartment in the same building.

Sebastian. How would she feel about him? She had always loved Sebastian,

had even had fantasies about him. But that was before he had raped her.

How would she feel when she saw him? How would she react?

Melissa unlocked the door of her apartment and entered. Looking around,

she had the same feeling as she had when she had stepped off the tour boat.

Everything was familiar, but somehow different. Melissa sighed. Would

things ever get back to normal?


The boat ride home had been hot and humid, causing Melissa to feel

somewhat sticky. She took a quick shower, then put on a nightgown and

robe. She wasn’t going to bother dressing since she was staying home

tonight. Maybe she could figure out some of the things that seemed so

confusing to her.

Melissa sat down in front of her computer in her bedroom and pushed the

power on switch. Maybe some time surfing the net would help clear her

mind. Just as the system finished booting up, there was a knock at the door.

Melissa stood up and walked into the living room.

“Who is it?” she asked at the door.

“Mel! It’s me. I need to talk to you.” She recognized Sebastian’s voice

through the door. “Please, let me in.”

Melissa hesitated for a moment before unlatching the door. Then, she

relented. After all, he was her brother. She would have to face this sooner or

later. Better to just get it over with. She opened the door and let him in.

“Thanks, Mel.” Sebastian said with a small smile on his face. As he stood

before her, tall, muscular and good looking, Melissa felt the familiar twinge

that had always caused her to fantasize about her brother. Even with all that

had happened, she still felt an attraction to him.

After latching the door, Melissa crossed the room and sat on the couch.

Sebastian followed and sat next to her.

“So what did you want to talk to me about?” Melissa asked.

“First, where were you last night? I stopped over and you weren’t here. I

kept coming over until after two in the morning. I was worried about you.”

“Worried? YOU were worried about ME?” Melissa let the sarcasm come


“Yes, I was worried about YOU! In spite of what’s happened, you’re still my

sister, and I still love you. You must know that!”

“How can I know that, Seb? How can I? You hurt me. You hurt me more than

anyone ever has.”

“I know, Mel, I know. And I’m truly sorry. But you were thinking about it,

too. You’ve thought about me taking you for ages. You know you have!”

“But that was just FANTASY, Sebastian! It wasn’t suppose to really HAPPEN!”

Melissa began crying softly, her face in her hands. Sebastian put his arms

around her and pulled her to him. Melissa put her head on his shoulder and

wrapped her arms around his waist as the tears rolled down her face.

“Don’t cry, Mel. It will be alright.” Sebastian told her softly as he rocked her

gently in his arms.

vThey sat like that for quite some time, Melissa crying softly and Sebastian

holding her in his arms. Finally, Melissa’s tears stopped. Excusing herself, she

went to the bathroom where she threw some cold water on her face and

blew her nose. Going back to the living room, Melissa sat on the couch and

leaned on her brother’s shoulder. Sebastian put his arms around her and they

sat for several minutes without speaking.

“You said that it wasn’t supposed to really happen, Mel.” “That’s right. It


Why not? Really, Mel, tell me why not?”

“Because it’s WRONG, Seb! You’re my BROTHER and it’s WRONG!”

“According to who, Mel? According to who? If you and I have feelings for

each other, if we each want the other, who has the right to tell us that it’s

wrong? Who has the right to tell us how to run our lives?”

“I don’t know.” Melissa replied softly. “I just know that it’s how I feel.”

Sebastian held his sister closer, squeezing her tightly against him with the

arm around her shoulders. He put his other hand on the side of her face and

gently stroked her cheek. Melissa sighed and snuggled closer. In spite of

what had happened, it felt so good being here with him. It felt so very good.

Sebastian tipped her head back and softly touched his lips to hers. The kiss

was gentle and lasted only a split second. Sebastian let his lips play over

Melissa’s forehead and down her cheek, returning to her lips in another soft

meeting. Melissa responded, returning the kiss as she laid her hand on his

cheek. Sebastian’s hand traced down her cheek, over her shoulder and down

her side.

Melissa felt his lips part, felt his tongue gently probing. She hesitated only a

second before parting her lips and allowing her tongue to meet his. She felt

him untie the belt of her robe. He pushed her robe open to expose the short

nightgown she wore. She felt his hand on her abdomen, felt it moving up

towards her breast.

“No.” she said breathlessly as she pulled her lips from his and pushed his

hand away. “That’s enough, Seb. This is going too far.”

“Why?” he murmured as he nuzzled into her neck. “Why is it “too far”?

Doesn’t it feel good?”

“Yes. Yes it feels good. But it’s not right, Seb! It’s not RIGHT!” Melissa stated

firmly as she put her left hand against Sebastian’s chest and pushed him


Sebastian brushed her hand aside and pushed her back against the couch.

Turning slightly, he pushed her into the corner formed by the arm and back

of the couch, pinning her there with his body. He was half laying on her as he

kissed and licked her neck. His right hand traveled up her side, then moved

inward to cup her breast.

“Oh, Seb, please stop!” Melissa moaned as she tried to push his hand away.

“This isn’t right! It just isn’t RIGHT!”

Sebastian grabbed her left wrist in his right hand and twisted her arm down

and behind her. He dropped his left arm from around her shoulders and took

her left wrist in his left hand. Bringing his right hand back out from behind

her, he took a hand full of her hair and forced her head back.

“Right? Tell me, Mel, what is ‘right’ when compared to the feeling of this?”

With that, Sebastian crushed her mouth beneath his, his tongue probing

deeply. Melissa moaned and tried to break free, her body twisting against his

as he held her pinned to the couch.

Melissa pulled her mouth free as Sebastian let go of her hair and moved his

hand back to her breast. She heard him groan deep in his throat as he

continued kneading and squeezing her.

“Oh, God! S-Seb, please, no more! No more!” Melissa sucked in her breath as

Sebastian gently rolled her nipple between his thumb and forefinger.

“It’s alright, Mel. Everything is alright.” He murmured into her neck as his

hand moved down to her thigh. Slowly, his hand moved between her legs and

began massaging her crotch. Melissa moaned as he pushed her knickers

aside and started rubbing his finger between the lips of her vagina.

“You feel so good, Mel. You feel so awfully good!” he whispered into her ear

as he pushed his finger up inside her. He was rubbing her clitoris with his

palm as he slowly moved his finger in and out of her. Melissa could feel

herself starting to get wet.

“Stop it, Seb! Oh, please stop it!” Melissa began fighting harder, twisting and

squirming beneath him, trying to push him off of her. Managing to wedge her

left foot into the angle formed by the seat and the back of the couch, she

pushed as hard as she could. Balanced on the edge of the couch, Sebastian

lost his balance and fell to the floor.

Melissa, more prepared than Sebastian, regained her balance before falling

completely and managed to keep her feet under her. She turned to run to the

bedroom, but Sebastian reached out and snagged one of her ankles. While he

didn’t manage to catch hold of her, he did manage to trip her. Melissa

sprawled on the floor.

Melissa heard Sebastian scrambling after her. In desperation, she crawled as

rapidly as she could, trying to reach the bedroom door. Before she could

reach it, Sebastian was on her, landing on her back and driving her to the


“NO!” Melissa begged and fought as Sebastian forced her over onto her back.

“Please, Seb, PLEASE leave me alone! You don’t understand! You don’t

understand what I’ve BEEN through!”

“Of course I understand! I was THERE, remember?” Sebastian responded,

knowing nothing of what had happened to Melissa in Greenwich. He was

straddling her stomach now, working at the zipper of his trousers. Then, he

had his dick out, swollen and hard. He began moving up her chest, towards

her face.

“Oh NO! PLEASE don’t! Please, Seb, PLEASE don’t! Oh no! NO!


Sebastian, sitting on her chest, forced his dick deep into her mouth. He

moaned in pleasure as her felt the moist warmth of Melissa’s mouth

surrounding his swollen meat. He had dreamed of this for ages, dreamed of

his sister sucking his dick. Now it was happening.

“Oh, Mel! Oh, your mouth feels so good! It feels so damned GOOD!” Sebastian

groaned as he took her hair in his hands and began forcing her mouth up and

down the length of his shaft.

“MMMMUUUUUURRRRRGGGGG!” Melissa was helpless. Sebastian was on his

knees, his buttocks settled on her chest. His thighs were clamped to either

side of her head, keeping her from twisting away from him. His hands

gripping her hair gave him the ability to move her mouth on him as he

pleased. She was reaching around from behind him, her hands on his

abdomen, futilely trying to push him away.

Sebastian was looking down at Melissa. As he pulled her face towards his

stomach, he watched his dick slowly disappearing into her mouth. He heard

her gagging as he pulled her face tight against his stomach, his dick

completely buried in her mouth, the head beginning to force it’s way into her


Melissa was choking and gagging. The dick forced into her throat was

restricting her air passage, making it difficult for her to breathe. Melissa was

squirming on the floor, pushing against Sebastian and shoving against the

floor with her heels. Then, he released the pressure on her head and allowed

her mouth to move slowly back down his shaft. Melissa pulled air greedily

into her nostrils.

Sebastian pushed Melissa back until only the head of his dick was still in her

mouth. She felt him stop, then start pulling her towards him again. Once

more she felt his swollen meat moving deeper into her mouth. Her tongue

could feel the swollen veins running the length of his dick. As he neared her

throat, Melissa filled her lungs with air. She started retching as his dick

entered her throat.

Forcing her eyes open, Melissa could see her brother above her. His chin was

dropped onto his chest and his eyes were closed. His lips were slightly parted

and she could see that his teeth were clenched tightly. There was a fine film

of perspiration on his forehead and he was breathing quite deeply. She

thought he looked as if he were in ecstasy.

Over and over he forced her mouth to travel the length of his meat. She

heard him moan as his head tipped back, his face pointing to the heavens.

She was still gagging on him as she wondered if he was going to finish this

way. Would he force his way deep into her mouth and shoot his load into her

throat? Would he make her swallow his cum?

Then, without warning, he pulled his meat from her mouth and moved

downward. Before Melissa realized it, Sebastian was laying on top of her,

kissing her chest as his hand guided his dick to her vagina.

“Oh, no! Not again! Please, PLEASE not again!” Melissa was twisting her body

under him as she tried to avoid being penetrated by her brother. She felt him

push the crotch of her knickers aside, felt the head of his dick pressing

against her. She was kicking with her legs, pushing against him as hard as

she could, trying her best to fight him off. She felt him enter her, felt him

sinking deeper into her with every thrust.

“Stop! Please STOP! I don’t….I don’t….WANT this! OH! OH NO!

OOOOHHHHHHHH!” she groaned as Sebastian shoved himself completely into

her. She felt his swollen meat filling her to her very depths as he moaned in


“God, Mel, you feel so great! I love being inside you!” Sebastian whispered in

her ear.

“P-please, Seb. P-please st-stop. I don’t … .I don’t …. Oh … oh … p-please

no!” Melissa whimpered while Sebastian moved on top of her. His hands were

roaming over her body, rubbing and squeezing. He pushed the strap of her

nightgown off her shoulder and exposed her breast. She felt his lips kissing

down along her cheek, down her neck to her chest. She felt him gently take

her nipple between his teeth. His tongue was lightly flicking across it.

“Nnnnuuuuuuhhhhh.” Melissa moaned as Sebastian sucked her breast into

her mouth. She felt his right hand travel down along her side and over her

hip. His hand progressed under her hips and he began squeezing her ass. He

was still sucking on her breast, his dick moving slowly inside her, when she

felt him slowly inserting his finger in her rectum.

“Don’t …don’t do… th-that!” Melissa whimpered as Sebastian’s finger began

slipping deeper into her ass. “Oh, no! Oh, please no! D-don’t!


Sebastian’s finger was buried in Melissa’s ass, moving in and out of her while

his dick did the same in her snatch. His tongue was flicking rapidly over her

nipple as he sucked her breast deeply into his mouth. His free hand was

squeezing her other breast. He was handling her in such a way that she was

starting to feel as if there were more than one person working on her.

“Oh, Seb.” She moaned softly. “Oh, God Seb!”

vMelissa lay on the floor, her legs spread and flat on the floor. Her arms were

laid on the floor next to her. She felt her breathing becoming more rapid as

Sebastian continued working on her. He had his finger and dick working in

unison, one moving into her while the other was being withdrawn. His mouth

and free hand continued working on her breasts. Melissa felt the perspiration

beginning to bead on her forehead.

“Ohhh…ohhh…ohhh…ohhh…ohhh” Melissa was moaning softly in time with

Sebastian’s penetrations of her. Each time his dick sank into her, she

moaned. Still he continued, never increasing his pace, never giving any

indication that he might be approaching orgasm. Melissa was beginning to

wonder how long this was going to last.

Melissa moaned as she felt Sebastian unexpectedly withdraw both his dick

and finger from her. He was slowly working his way down her chest and

upper abdomen, kissing her and nibbling gently as he went. Melissa felt her

heart beginning to race as Sebastian started nibbling on her upper thighs.

She felt his arms slip under her legs, lifting them slightly as his hands slowly

traveled up her rib cage until they came to rest on her breasts.

“Ohhhhhhhh.” Melissa moaned softly as Sebastian’s tongue traveled slowly

up and down between the lips of her vagina while his hands massaged her

breasts. She felt his tongue penetrate her before moving up to flick lightly at

her clit, then move back down to penetrate her again. Over and over he

repeated this movement, and as he did, Melissa’s hips began moving with


Melissa felt the butterflies in her belly begin to spread throughout her body.

Her breathing was becoming more rapid and her heart was pounding. She

moaned softly as her head rolled from side to side. Against her will, she felt

the excitement growing in her.

“Oh, Seb! Oh, God, Seb! Ohhhhh! Y-you can’t m-make me ….. you MUSN’T

make me ….. ohhhh … c-cum. P-please, Seb, please don’t … uuuuuuuhhh …

make me!”

Sebastian ignored his sister’s pleas. He wanted her to cum. He wanted her to

cum as she never had before. He wanted to make her FEEL as she never had

before. He had dreamed of taking her for so many years, dreamed of joining

with her and driving her to the edge of endurance and beyond! Tonight, he

would do just that.

“Nnnuuuhhh … nnnuuuhhh … ooooohhh … mmmmmm.” Melissa’s eyes were

closed and her lips were slightly parted as her hips rotated in time with

Sebastian’s movements. She sucked in her breath as he took her clit between

his teeth and gently nibbled, his hands still working on her breasts.

“Jesus! Oh, Jesus, Seb! Ooohhh … uuhhh … uuuhhh … Enough … uuuhhh …

uuuhhh … Please, th-that’s … nnnnuuu … enough! Ooohhhh!” Melissa’s hands

moved unconsciously to each side of Sebastian’s head, her fingers running

through his hair. Her excitement grew even more intense as Sebastian began

sucking rapidly on her clit. He was rolling the nipples of each breast between

his thumb and forefingers, adding to the feeling of ecstasy that was rapidly

consuming her.

“Nnnuuu … nnnuuu … nnnuuu … ooohhhhhh … nnnuuu … nnnuuu …” Melissa

was rapidly surrendering herself to the moment. Her hands were gripping

Sebastian’s head as she thrust her hips forward, shoving her vagina into his

face. The rapid flicking of his tongue over her clit was driving her beyond

anything she had ever felt before. Melissa threw her legs over Sebastian’s

shoulders and crossed her feet at the ankles, pulling him tighter into her as

she continued gripping his head with her hands.

“Nnnuuu … nnnuuu … Oh, God! Oh, God! … nnnuuu … nnnuuu … Oh God,

Seb, y-you’re driving … m-me … ooohhhh … c-CRAZY! … oooohhhhh!”

Sebastian knew that he was driving Melissa far beyond anything she had ever

experienced. The way she was gripping his hair, the way her legs were

wrapped around his neck, the way she thrust her vagina repeatedly into his

face. He had always wanted to make his sister feel this way. He had

fantasized about it for years, and now it was actually happening!

“Nnnuuuhhh … nnnuuuhhh … nnnuuuhhh … oooohhhh … oooohhhh …

nnnuuuhhh … nnnuuuhhh … S-Seb! … Oh, Seb! … oooohhhh … I-I-I’m …I’m

g-going to … oh … oh… going to … Oh God! Oh God! OH GOD!


Melissa was swept by the strongest orgasm she had ever felt. Her entire body

jerked and trembled as wave after wave of passion coursed through her.

Sebastian continued licking and nibbling her vagina and her body continued

responding. He had driven her to the point that she was now being wracked

by multiple orgasms. As soon as one would pass, another would wash over






Still Sebastian continued orally stimulating Melissa, nibbling her clit,

penetrating her with his tongue, licking up and down her vagina. Her body

was trembling under him as she cried out over and over. He knew that she

was still cumming, having orgasm after orgasm. He loved the way she was

thrusting herself against his face. It was taking all of his will power to keep

from cumming himself.




ENOUGH! OH! NNNNNUUUUUHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhooooooooooo.”

Finally, Sebastian slowed his ministrations and allowed Melissa to gradually

stop cumming. He still gently licked her, but not in such a way as to give her

an orgasm. Slowly, the trembling of her body abated as the pounding of her

heart slowed. Melissa released the grip she had on Sebastian’s neck and

dropped her feet to the floor.

“Oh, God! I-I’ve n-never … n-never … oh, God!” Melissa murmured as

Sebastian lifted his mouth from her. Nearly exhausted, she lay still on the

floor as her brother moved up onto her chest.

“Oh, Seb. Please don’t. Please, please no more.” She felt Sebastian’s hand

guiding his meat towards her vagina, but she was too tired to try and stop

him. She closed her eyes and moaned softly as Sebastian slowly reentered

her. She felt him penetrating her until he was buried completely inside her.

Slowly, gently, he started stroking inside her body.

“Oh, Mel, you do feel so very good! You don’t know how long I’ve wanted to

do this, how long I’ve dreamed of doing this!”

“Ooohhhh.” The soft moan escaped from Melissa as Sebastian began moving

inside her with a regular rhythm. She knew this was wrong, knew they

shouldn’t be doing it, but he did feel so good inside her.

“We shouldn’t, Seb. We shouldn’t. Oooohhhhhh … mmmmm … oooohhhhhh.”

“Ssshhhh. Don’t speak, Mel, don’t speak. Just feel.” Sebastian whispered in

her ear.

Sebastian moved slowly in and out of Melissa while his hands roamed over

her body. She felt his tongue licking her neck and ear, his breath warm on

her skin. Her breathing was becoming deeper as she felt herself again

becoming stimulated. Brother or not, wrong or not, Sebastian was certainly

capable of exciting his sister.

“Nnnuuuhhh … nnnuuuhhh … ooohhh … uh … uh … uh … oh Seb!”

“Does it feel good to you, Mel?” Sebastian asked.

“Oh, God, yes! It does feel good! It feels so very good!” Melissa murmured in


She felt her excitement increasing with each passing moment. As Sebastian’s

lips touched hers, she responded unhesitatingly. Her lips parted so their…

(To be continued)



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