young girl 23 years old raped pdf bizarre uncensored sex taboo xxx

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Ebook pdf : The rapist chapter 4 – fictive story of melissa raped at 23 years old,

She was cooperating totally with him now, lost completely in the sexual excitement of the moment. Her heart was racing and her breathing was shallow and rapid.

young girl 23 years old raped pdf bizarre uncensored sex taboo xxx

The rapist – fictive story of melissa 23 years old, raped by a friend is  not a true story, none of the characters in this text are existing.



This story is a part of the rape young girl ebook I am actually witing with the helpof hana(young girl raped, taboo story ebook) Please be waware that it is an essay and it is not perfect, we will complete with pictures and make a real ebook when done. Thank you for your comments.

Before reading this, you should read the first part of Melissa’s story


young girl 23 years old raped pdf bizarre uncensored sex taboo xxx

tongues could meet. Her hands were now roaming over Sebastian as his did

over her. She lifted her legs, wrapping them around his waist as her hips

began moving in time with his.

“Oh, Seb. Oh, Seb. Uuuuuuooooohhhhh … uuuhhh … uuuhhh … mmmmm …

oohhh.” Melissa was slowly losing her self in her own pleasure. Thoughts of

right and wrong drifted away as they were replaced with feelings of pure

ecstasy. Her arms were now around him, pulling his body tightly against

hers. She was nibbling his neck softly while they moved as one.

Sebastian’s mouth covered hers, their tongues darting and sparring. As he

drove repeatedly into her, she rose to meet him, matching his energy and

force. She was cooperating totally with him now, lost completely in the

sexual excitement of the moment. Her heart was racing and her breathing

was shallow and rapid. Beads of perspiration coated her body. There was no

world. There was no right and wrong. There was only Sebastian and this


“Nnnuuuhhh … nnnuuuhhh … Oh, Seb! … nnnuuuhhh … Y-you feel … uh … uh

… so g-good! … uh … uh … uh … uhhhooooooo!”

“So do you, Mel! It f-feels so good being inside you. Ooohhhhh God. Oh …

oh … oh!”

Their pace increased as their excitement grew. The harder Sebastian drove

into Melissa, the harder she responded. She felt her heart pounding as if it

would tear free of her chest. She was whimpering in complete ecstasy as she

felt herself moving once again towards the brink of orgasm. She could tell

that Sebastian, too, was getting close. He was swelling even larger inside her

and she could feel him beginning to throb.

“Oh, God, Seb! Oh God! It feels … it feels … oh … oh … OH … OH …





Melissa’s pleading pushed Sebastian over the edge. He felt his balls

tightening, felt the pressure building, and then, as Melissa’s orgasm swept

over her, he exploded.

“OH GOD MEL!” he groaned as the first wave of his sperm flooded Melissa.

She felt him twitching inside her, felt the heat of his load spreading through

her, and her own orgasm increased in intensity. Crying and moaning, their

bodies twitching and jerking uncontrollably, Sebastian and Melissa squirmed

on the floor as they were both wracked by intense orgasms.

“Oh JESUS, Seb! Oh sweet JESUS!” Melissa cried out as wave after wave of

passion flowed through her trembling body. She could feel Sebastian

continuing to spray her insides with his thick, hot cum, intensifying her own

feelings. Never before had she cum like this!

And then slowly, almost painfully slowly, the orgasms that had swept over

them passed. The pace of their movements slowed, the trembling of their

bodies gradually coming under control. And finally they lay still, holding each

other close while they gasped for breath. Melissa felt Sebastian slowly losing

his erection inside her.

Sebastian lifted his head from Melissa’s shoulder and gently kissed her.

Melissa responded, and the kiss was long and soft. Still, in spite of the

tremendous multiple orgasms Melissa had experienced, in spite of the love

she had felt for Sebastian while in the throes of passion, her conscience was

beginning to reassert itself. Melissa was beginning to feel guilty. Melissa put

her arms around Sebastian’s neck and buried her face in his shoulder.

“What is it, Mel?” Sebastian asked when he heard Melissa sniffle. Melissa

shook her head and said nothing.

“Come on, Mel. What is it?”

“What are we doing, Seb? What in heaven’s name are we doing?”

“We’re doing what we both wanted, Mel. We’re doing what we’ve both

wanted for years. And who has it hurt, Mel? Exactly who has it hurt?”

“Nobody, I guess. But that’s beside the point. Brothers and sisters aren’t

suppose to … to … DO this with each other!”

With that, Melissa stood up, pulled her robe tightly about her, and went into

the bedroom. Once there, she discarded the robe and lay down in her

nightgown. She was laying on the bed on her left side when Sebastian

entered the room and lay down next to her. Placing left arm under her neck

and the right around her waist, he snuggled up to her back and held her

close. They lay quietly, not speaking, and soon Sebastian’s regular breathing

told Melissa that he had fallen asleep.

Melissa’s mind was in turmoil. It was true that she had fantasized for years

about having sex with her brother. She had even fantasized about him raping

her. And there was no doubt that the orgasms she had experienced with him

were fantastic. Still, he was her brother, and you weren’t suppose to do such

things with your brother. It was wrong. Everybody said it was. It was taboo

in every society in the world. And yet … and yet …

After awhile, feeling the warmth and comfort of Sebastian lying next to her,

Melissa drifted off to sleep. Her dreams that night were jumbled, a collection

of impressions, flashes of memories. Images of Regents Park, Saint James

Park and Greenwich Park mingled and intermixed. The faces of the men who

had used her danced across her mind. Flashes of herself fighting, running in

the woods intermixed with images of Sebastian in an American naval

uniform. She saw herself naked on the tour boat from Greenwich to London,

Dani sitting next to her, telling her that she must let go.


Melissa woke with a start. Confused at first, it took a moment for her to

realize that Sebastian was still laying next to her, his arms around her. It was

beginning to get light in her bedroom. Melissa suddenly realized that it was

morning. She and Sebastian had slept the night through together.

“Good morning, Mel.” Sebastian whispered as he kissed her on the ear.

“You’re awake?” Melissa asked rhetorically.

“Have been for a couple of hours. I was just enjoying the feel of you next to


They lay quiet for awhile, each lost in their own thoughts. Melissa felt

Sebastian pull her closer to him as he started to kiss the back of her neck.

She sighed as the warm feeling he gave her spread through her body. His

right hand was softly stroking her stomach, then slowly moved up until it

was gently massaging her breast.

“Don’t. Please don’t do that.” Melissa murmured softly, but she didn’t try to

push his hand away.

Sebastian kept massaging her breasts and kissing the back of her neck. He

could feel her heart beating under his hand and knew that it was beginning

to beat faster. He heard the soft, pleasurable sighs that escaped from her

throat. Moving his hand to her right shoulder, he gently rolled her onto her

back. Melissa didn’t resist as he bent over and touched his lips to hers.

Slowly, she put her arms around him and pulled him close. She felt his hand

slowly traveling down her body, and when he began rubbing her thigh, she

spread her legs apart.

“Oh, Seb.” Melissa moaned as he began rubbing her crotch. Her breathing

was becoming deeper and her heart was beating faster. When he pushed her

knickers aside and started rubbing his finger between the lips of her vagina,

she moaned deeply and lifted her head to place her lips against his.

“Mmmm … ooohhhhhh … mmmm” Melissa was becoming aroused as she

squirmed under Sebastian’s hand. His finger was inside her, slowly tracing a

path around the inner walls of her vagina. Her eyes were closed and her lips

were slightly parted. Her head was slowly rolling from side to side.


Sebastian moved his hand to the waistband of her knickers and began

pushing them down. Melissa lifted her hips to make it easier for him. Once

they were down around her thighs, Melissa raised her knees towards her

chest so he could slip them down her legs, over her feet and off. When he

started pushing her nightgown up, she raised her arms over her head so he

could remove it.

Sebastian slipped off the bed and stood up. Melissa lay naked and watched as

he removed his clothing. Naked, he crawled back in bed next to Melissa and

took her in his arms. She wrapped her arms around him and raised her lips to

his while his hands roamed over her body. She sighed deeply when his hand

returned to her crotch and she felt a finger slip easily into her.

“Oooohhhhmmmmmmm. Oh yes. Oh, Seb, it feels so good when you do that!”

Melissa shivered as Sebastian’s finger roamed around her insides. She could

feel herself getting wet as he continued fingering her. His mouth was at her

breast, gently sucking and chewing on her nipple.

Melissa didn’t resist when Sebastian moved on top of her. She put her arms

around him and lifted her legs when she felt his meat rubbing against the

entrance to her vagina.

“Oooohhhhhhhhhhh” Melissa sighed softly as she felt Sebastian’s organ

begin to spread her passage open as he entered her. She felt him slowly, so

very slowly, slipping deeper into her as her excitement grew. She felt him

slowly and steadily penetrating her depths until finally, and ever so gently,

he sunk himself completely into her.

“Oohhhh yessssss!” she sighed as he slowly started moving inside of her. He

placed a hand gently on either side of her face and pressed his lips to hers.

Melissa pulled Sebastian even tighter against her as the kiss became

evermore passionate. Her hips were moving in time with Sebastian and her

heart was beginning to race.

“Nnnuuuhhh … nnnuuuhhh ,,, oooohhhhhh … uhh … uhh … uhh …

ooohhhhh … oh Seb! … uhh … uhh … oh Seb you f-feel so good … nnnuuuhhh

… nnnuuuhhh …”

Slowly, very slowly, Sebastian withdrew from Melissa until only the head of

his dick was inside her. Teasing her, he moved very slightly in and out of her,

over and over, half and inch in, then back out, over and over. Melissa was

beginning to whimper. She tried raising her hips to impale herself on

Sebastian, but he pulled back, keeping only the head in. She grabbed his hips

and tried to pull him into her, but he was stronger than her and kept his

position. He was watching her face, excited by her attempts to get him

deeper into her.

“P-please, Seb! Oh please! … oohhh … St-stop teasing … oohhh … I want … I

want you … in-inside m-me … p-please … uuuuuuoooooooohhhhhhhhhh!”

she whimpered as he suddenly sunk himself completely into her. Melissa had

never felt anything so wonderful in her life!

Sebastian was pressing his pelvic bone against Melissa’s clitoris, moving back

and forth against it and turning her on even more. She was whimpering and

moaning with every movement, raking his back with her nails.

Without warning, Sebastian once again pulled back until only the head of his

meat was inside her. The slight movement just inside the entrance to her

vaginal passage was pushing Melissa to the brink. It was teasing! It felt

good, it felt GREAT, but she wanted MORE! She wanted Sebastian to be

buried as deeply into her as he possibly could. She wanted everything he

had! She grabbed his hips and tried jerking him towards her.

“Oh God! Oh God Sebastian!” Melissa whimpered as she thrust her hips

towards him, “Oh please … uuhhh … uuhhh … p-please … ohh … don’t t-tease

me … uuhhh … oh please … oohhh … p-put it b-back in m-me … p-please …

uuuuooooooooaaaaaaaaa God yesssss!” she moaned in ecstasy as Sebastian

once again buried himself deep inside her.

Sebastian was screwing Melissa in earnest now. The time for teasing was

over. Her eyes were squeezed tightly shut and her brow was furrowed. Sweat

was beading on her forehead. Her breathing was shallow and rapid. She was

whimpering with every inward thrust of his meat. He could tell that Melissa

was fast approaching orgasm.

Melissa’s hips were thrusting to meet Sebastian’s movements. She was

driving herself against him in a near frenzy. She felt herself growing close,

felt her body preparing to throw itself over the abyss of sexual fulfillment.

“Oh God! … oh … oh … oh … uuhhh … uuhhh … Oh God! … uuhhh … uuhhh …

uuhhh … S-Sebastian! … oh … oh … uuuhhhh … OH GOD! … UUHHH …



Melissa arched her back and thrust herself against him as her body was

swept with a tremendous orgasm. Over and over her body shuddered as each

new wave washed through her. Still she continued cumming, nearly

screaming with each new surge that wracked her body. Then slowly,

gradually, the surging orgasm abated. Melissa was coming down from the

sexual high she had been on. Then, nearly exhausted, she collapsed on the


“Hmmm.” Sebastian whispered in her ear. “I think somebody had a good


“Oh, God, Seb! Oh God!” was all Melissa could manage to get out.

Grinning, Sebastian slowly pulled out of Melissa. She knew that he hadn’t

cum, and wondered what he was doing. Turning around so that his head was

towards the foot of the bed, Sebastian laid his chest on Melissa’s stomach

and slowly lowered his mouth to her crotch.

“Oh, God, Seb! Enough! I-I’ve had enough!”

Sebastian ignored her and slowly ran his tongue between the lips of her

vagina. She shivered as he gently sucked her clit, then moved down to her

entrance where his tongue penetrated her. She was breathing harder as his

tongue darted in and out of her. She groaned as he slid a hand underneath

her and slowly penetrated her rectum with a finger.

“Nnnuuuuhhhh … ooohhhh Seb … nnnuuuuhhhh … oh it feels so good! …


Sebastian’s finger moved slowly in and out of Melissa’s rectum while he

continued eating her out. His free hand moved along her thigh, along her rib

cage to her breast. He massaged her breast for a bit, then slowly rubbed back

down her side and along her thigh.

Melissa was becoming aroused in spite of the fact that she had just had a

tremendous orgasm. Sebastian’s tongue was raising her once more into the

pantheon of sexual pleasures. Her heart was beating faster, her breathing

becoming rapid. Her hips were slowly squirming under Sebastian’s face.

“Ooooohhhhhh … mmmmmmmmm … oh yesssss … oh yesssss …

ooooohhhhhh” Melissa’s voice was soft and low as she responded to

Sebastian’s mouth. Her entire body was beginning to squirm on the bed as

she became more and more aroused.

Opening her eyes, Melissa saw Sebastian’s crotch just to the right of her

head. Reaching over, she took his meat in her hand. Shifting position slightly,

she took him into her mouth and began sucking on him. Sebastian moaned as

she slowly moved up the full length of his dick, then just as slowly moved

back down.

Melissa moaned around the dick in her mouth as Sebastian’s tongue flicked

lightly and rapidly over her clit. Her body jerked involuntarily when he

sucked it into his mouth and gently nibbled on it. Melissa slid her lips once

more down Sebastian’s meat and was gratified by his moan of pleasure as

she took him completely into her mouth.

Melissa was becoming more and more excited, and she could tell Sebastian

was also. Just as she was moving her hips in time with Sebastian, he was

now doing the same, moving his hips forward and back in time with the

movements of Melissa’s mouth. Sebastian’s arms were now wrapped around

Melissa, as hers were around him. Each was holding on tightly, pulling the

other to them.

Melissa’s heart was racing as Sebastian’s tongue drove her ever closer to the

brink of ecstasy. She was moaning and whimpering as she sucked harder and

faster on him, taking him nearly into her throat. She felt Sebastian’s muscles

beginning to tremble just as her own were. She knew that they were both so

close. So very, very close.

Her body was jerking and trembling involuntarily now. He nails were clawing

at Sebastian’s buttocks as she tried to force him even farther into her mouth.

Her hips were thrusting against his face in total abandon. And then the first

shock of orgasm screamed through her.

Melissa nearly cried out at the force of this latest orgasm. As her body was

bouncing and twisting against Sebastian, she felt him start to throb and

twitch in her mouth. Then, just as the main force of her own orgasm hit her,

she felt the first wave of Sebastian’s cum explode into her throat. Pulling him

tighter to her, Melissa swallowed each succeeding blast of cum as her own

body was wracked repeatedly by the tremors of her passion.

Gradually, the intensity of their mutual orgasms subsided. As the trembling

of their bodies slowly abated, they held each other close. Melissa continued

moving up and down the length of Sebastian’s slowly softening erection as

he was gently licking her vagina. Finally, both feeling exhausted, even these

minor exertions became too much for them. Releasing each other, they lay

back on the bed. In a matter of moments, Melissa was asleep.


Melissa woke to a state of confusion. What was happening? Something was

wrong. What was it? What?

And then Melissa was totally awake and aware of what was happening. She

was laying on her stomach on her bed, and Sebastian was laying on her back.

She could feel him beginning to force his way into her rectum. She tried

rolling onto her side, tried squirming away from him, but he was too heavy.

“Oh, no! Oh please, Seb, DON’T!” Melissa grimaced as she felt her brother’s

meat penetrating deeper into her rear. She ground her teeth together as he

forced more of his dick into her bowels with each thrust. Then, overcoming

the resistance of her body, Sebastian’s dick sunk completely into Melissa’s


“Oh, God, stop it! Please, PLEASE stop it! … uuhhh … uuhhh … Y-you’re hhurting

me! … nnuuhhh … nnuuhhh … nnuuhhh … St-stop it! Oh p-please

stop it!” Melissa cried out as Sebastian stroked his meat deeply into her body.

She felt as if he were tearing her in two.

“Mmmm. You feel so TIGHT, Mel! You feel so wonderfully, wonderfully

TIGHT!” Sebastian whispered in her ear.

Melissa whimpered softly as Sebastian pulled most of the way out of her

before pushing himself back into her bowels. A small cry would escape her

throat each time he drove into her. Over and over he penetrated her as the

anal rape continued. Melissa could feel the swollen meat inside her

stretching her to her very limits as it pushed deeply into her.

“Oh … G-God! … Oh … G-God! … P-please … ohhhh … p-please … st-stop! …

N-no … more! … uuuhhhh … N-no … more!” Melissa begged as the rock hard

organ continued invading her depths.

“Relax. Just relax, Mel. It will be alright.” Sebastian replied to his sister’s

pleas. “Just relax.”

“Please, Seb, … uuhhh … uuhhh … enough! … oohhh … Enough!”

Sebastian’s left arm was underneath her shoulders, holding her close as the

weight of his body pressed down on her back. She felt his right hand slipping

underneath her thigh, moving towards her crotch. Then, while he still stroked

in and out of her bowels, his finger separated the lips of her vagina and found

her clit.

“Stop it! D-don’t DO that! Oh, Seb, DON’T!” Melissa whimpered as Sebastian’s

finger gently massaged her clit. She could feel the first twinges of excitement

growing in the pit of her stomach as Sebastian’s finger played with her most

sensitive spot.

Sebastian could hear Melissa’s breathing becoming more rapid. He was

learning that there were some things his sister couldn’t stand up against, and

having her clit gently rubbed was one of them. He felt her beginning to

squirm underneath him as he moaned in pleasure at the tight feeling of her

asshole around his dick.

“Uuhhh … uuhhh … uuhhh … Seb! … uuhhh … uuhhh … oh G-God …

nnnuuu … oh God … ooooohhhhhhhhh … St-stop! … uuhhh … uuhhh … Ststop!”

Melissa groaned as Sebastian increased the pace of the rape. She felt

him driving into her bowels faster and harder as his finger massaged her clit.

She felt her own excitement growing as he began kissing and nibbling her


She couldn’t believe that her body was responding. Even the dick driving

repeatedly into her ass was not enough to overcome the feeling of

Sebastian’s finger working on her clit. Her excitement was growing and she

was beginning to move her hips in time with her brother’s. Melissa was once

more climbing the stairs of sexual fulfillment.

“Nnnuuuhhh … nnnuuuhhh … nnnuuuhhh … p-p-please … uh … uh … ddon’t

… uh … uh … no … no m-more … nnnuuuhhh … nnnuuuhhh … Oh, God!

Oh, God!” Melissa felt herself getting close. Sebastian’s finger working on her

was more than she could take.

“Oh, God! … uh … uh … uh … Don’t! … uh … uh … P-please … n-no mmore!

…uh … uh … oh … oh … OH … OOOOOOHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAA!”

Melissa cried out as the orgasm washed through her. She felt herself

cumming over and over as Sebastian fucked her in the ass and played with

her clit.

“OH GOD! … OH … OH … SEB! … OH … OH … P-PLEASE … ST-STOP! … OH …


…OH P-PLEASE ST-STOP!” Melissa was nearly screaming as the continuous

orgasm drove her beyond the levels of endurance. She was sure she would

die if Sebastian continued working her clit. Her body was jerking

uncontrollably as each fresh orgasm slammed through her.

Then, just as she thought she would surely lose her mind, Sebastian pulled

his hand away from her crotch. With a deep moan of exhaustion, Melissa

collapsed on the bed as her orgasm began abating. She lay panting for breath

as Sebastian continued driving into her at an ever increasing pace.

Melissa whimpered each time Sebastian drove his dick into her, her body

trembling involuntarily as he sodomized her. He was plowing into her so fast

and so hard that she was sure he must be damaging her insides.

“Uh … uh … p-please … uh … uh … p-please h-hurry … uh … uh … p-please oh

please h-hurry … nnuuhhh … nnuuhhh … oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Melissa could feel Sebastian’s dick throbbing and twitching deep in her

bowels as the heat of his cum spread through her. She could feel it as he shot

wave after wave of sperm into her ass. Finally, mercifully, Sebastian slowed

his pace, at last coming to a stop and laying on Melissa’s back. She could feel

him slowly softening inside her.

Sebastian lay on Melissa for several minutes while his breathing returned to

normal. Then, with a sigh of contentment, he pulled out of her and stood up.

Melissa lay still on the bed as she heard Sebastian dress. She was still laying

there when she heard the front door of her apartment open and close.

Exhausted, she once more drifted off to sleep.


Slowly, Melissa woke up. She noticed the bedroom was bright with sunlight.

Glancing at the clock, she saw it was nearly 2:30 in the afternoon. Getting off

the bed, Melissa pulled on her robe and went to the window. The green of the

park was spread out before her. She stood there for quite some time, lost in


Seventy one and a half hours. That was how long it had been since she had

met Sebastian at Regent’s Park. Seventy one and a half hours. In that time,

she had been raped eighteen times by nine different men, including her own

brother. She had been raped vaginally, anally and orally. And then there was

this morning. This morning couldn’t even be considered rape. She had

cooperated. She had allowed her brother to make love to her.

Melissa felt the guilt welling up in her again. Not only had she cooperated,

she had enjoyed having Sebastian use her. She had experienced tremendous

orgasms with him. How could she have done that? It was wrong. He was her

brother and it was wrong.

Melissa was beginning to feel isolated. The feelings surging up in her made

her feel as if she would explode. Dani had been right. She couldn’t keep this

bottled up. She had to talk to someone. She HAD to. But who? Who was there

that she could sit down and talk to? How could she ever sit face to face with

another person and tell them what she had been through? As Melissa turned

from the window, her eyes fell on her computer. Sitting down, she began

typing on the keyboard.


I have no idea how Melissa found Soren’s sight, or why she decided to read

the stories posted there. After all, there are numerous support groups on the

web that specialize in anonymously helping rape survivors. They are easily

found and usually staffed by people who have been through the same kind of

experiences. Chat rooms on those sights give the survivor access to

numerous other survivors who will understand and help. For reasons that

only she could explain, Melissa decided to contact me instead.

She started slowly, asking questions about my stories, about where I got my

ideas. Then gradually, she started talking. Over a period of several weeks,

she opened up more and more until she had finally related her whole story to

  1. Now, I’m not an expert at this kind of thing. I’m just a slightly perverse

amateur writer with a vivid imagination. Due to that, I didn’t attempt to offer

her any advice. To tell the truth, I don’t think that she wanted any. She just

wanted someone to listen. That, I was able to do.

What will happen to Melissa now? I don’t know. Like everyone, the rest of

her life has yet to unfold. Tomorrow is a closed book, a mystery that can only

be solved by going there. I only hope, that by lending an ear, I was able to

help her move into that tomorrow with some measure of peace.

The Swimming Pool Gangrape

Jennifer was spending her holidays at the beach of Llorret de Mar. She was

with her baby of three weeks old and with her husband who had to be in

Barcelona for business. Today it was saturday and it was her second day at

the hotel. She wanted to go to the sea but decided not to, her skin was

already read, in stead she went to the public swimming pool of the hotel.

After breast feeding her baby she put it to bed.

Before heading down to the swimming pool without her baby, she decided to

wear something attractive, which would show some of her top heavy body.

She put on a pair of white high heeled shoes, a white thong and a white wrap

around skirt. Her top had tiny spaghetti straps, was a little short and showed

her belly button. Her bra was also white and the cups had to deal with her

heavy DD-sized sagging breasts. Her long brown hair was put in a pony tail

so she looked a little longer.

She always detested her little frame and too big breasts, but now she felt

free to do whatever she wanted to do. When she walked down stairs she felt

her big hanging breasts bounce up and down. She knew the top was too

little, it already showed some cleavage and the clasp at the back of her bra

was now in view and an easy target for naughty men.

The pool was deserted, the only people were a group of six tall german boys.

They were playing football in the pool, and as soon as they saw Jennifer they

all started staring at her incredible body.

Jennifer tried not to look at them, their loud voices made her a little afraid of

them, so she decided to sit down at the end of the pool on a little plastic

bench. The boys already were very wild and now they were horny as well.

One boy said: ” Wow, did you notice the size of those huge tits” ?

Another boy said: ” I would love to make her tits jump out of her top”

A third boy said: ” I’m sure she’s got a big wet pussy.

Jennifer only had a large blue towel which she put on the bench.

Unfortunately she had forgotten her sun lotion. After 30 minutes the boys

decided to continue their play just next to the young woman. One boy got

out of the pool and decided to make some conversation with the young


” Hi! I’m Frank, what’s your name” ?

Hello! My name is Jennifer”

Frank continued: ” Are you also from Germany?

” No, I’m from England, London” Jennifer somehow liked the german boy,

which he noticed so he had no trouble sitting down on the bench next to


It was one o’clock in the afternoon, all spanish people were having their

siesta, because the sun was very hot.

Frank noticed that her already burned english skin was becoming very red, so

he asked: ” Hei Jennifer, you better put some lotion on your skin, otherwise it

will be very painfull in a few hours”

Jennifer was surprised: Oops, thanks Frank, but I left the lotion in my hotel


Frank said: ” Never mind, I will give you our bottle” Before getting the bottle,

Frank jumped back in the water and told his friends about the conversation.

He was very aroused by the girl. He said: ” guys listen, her name is Jennifer,

she’s english, she’s 30 years old, 10 years older than we are and she told me

she’s just given birth to her baby three weeks ago. I will give her our bottle

of sun lotion so I can continue our chat”

His friend Sander said: I will join you, I’m sure we can do some nice things

with this english babe. You guys, make sure you continue your play next to

Jennifer and try to splash around with the water as much as possible”

Jennifer was looking at the group of playing boys, in a way she liked the

attention of their oggling eyes. After a few minutes Frank was back with the

bottle of lotion.

He introduced Jennifer to Frank. ” My god” : Jennifer thought, ” this guy is

also as tall as Frank”

Frank gave the lotion to Jennifer and she immediately started putting some

on her legs. She pushed the skirt a little open so she could put the lotion on

both of her legs. She also put it on her inner thighs, in fact she was just

teasing a little with the two horny boys. Off course she didn’t show the front

of her white thong because her pussy had become a little sloppy and her

thick bush of brown pussy hair was curling at the sides of the sheer white

fabric, but normally her pussy was well shaven.

After a few minutes her legs were done and she put back her wrap around

skirt. She saw their eyes focussed on her legs and this gave her a warm

feeling. She decided to continue her flirting so she started putting the lotion

on her arms, belly, neck and onto the top of her breasts. Finally she bent over

and put the bottle on the floor.

The two boys noticed her big breasts falling in their cups, they looked right

into her cleavage. When she started to put her high heels a little tighter, the

movement of her arms made the top of her tit flesh jiggle a little. This really

aroused the two boys.

Jennifer resettled herself on the bench and looked right at the bulge in the

shorts of the two boys. Jennifer shivered, suddenly her pussy was getting a

little wet and she felt her nipples becoming hard. Her face became red,

because she knew that this meant that her large swolen dark areoles were

also very visible through the thin top.

Than the two boys sat down each at one side of her. Jennifer felt a little

nervous so she put her arms in front of her trying to hide her big bulging

breasts. After a few minutes a third boy, called Stefan, arrived in front of her.

He had a camera into his hands and a big bottle of cold white wine. The other

three boys were still into the pool playing and splashing wildly with the


Jennifer bent over a little in order to hide her big breasts, but this caused a

huge cleavage. To her surprise Stefan took a picture of her desparately

hiding her breasts like this.

Than he said: ” Sorry my name is Stefan, I just had to take a shot of this

beautyfull woman, I hope you don’t mind”

Jennifer who’s always a little shy and often someone who’s afraid to say NO

when she has to, just said: ” it’s okay, you can take as many pictures as you

want as long as you make sure that I can get a copy of them” This was her

first big mistake.

Because as soon as she said this, Stefan took some more pictures of her

while the other two boys immediately took both of her arms and began

toying a little with the woman who didn’t know what to do. The two boys

looked at each other and it was obvious that they they were excited by the

soft flesh of her arms.

Frank announced with a naughty look in his eyes: ” Hé Jen, let’s take some

pics of you struggling with a few german guys”

Now Jennifer made a second big mistake, she said: ” Okay, but don’t play to

wild with this weak mother”

The three boys laughed at each other. Stefan handed the bottle of cold wine

to Sander who put it at her lips and Jennifer was clumsily and hungrily

drinking the cold wine. Of course Sander made sure she would have too

much wine in one time into her mouth which caused her to gag and she

spilled almost all the wine onto her top.

The boys made sure she would like this tease and just laughed at a modest

way. Jennifer appreciated this and warned Sander not to spill the expensive

wine. Sander continued his wine tease a few times till the bottle was almost

empty, Jennifer’s head was now spinning. The front of her top and her bra

were soaked and her nipples and areoles poked against the now tranparant

fabric. Her spaghetti straps hung down to her arms and her top hung so low

that almost both cups were in full view.

Sander and Frank pulled her arms slowly and with ease behind her back.

With their free hands they gently touched the back of her bra and bra clasp

which dug deep into her very red skin. Stefan was busy shooting the whole

action. Jennifer hadn’t noticed that the three other guys into the pool had

stopped their play and were almost coming out of the pool. They were just a

few inches separated from the woman and from the pool the three guys

splashed at the same time for a few seconds as much water as possible over

the totally surprised woman…

(To be continued)



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