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    We will turn the hidden group called underground to public for a couple of days. That mean you will be able to subscribe to this group. So think to subscribe before we turn it to hidden again and please, by now post the younger girls only in the underground group.
    Thank you.

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    angie b

    in one place you say to post illegal pics will cause for being banned from site. here you say post young girls in underground only. do you mean post on legal age younger girls here? I am confused. I posted one of a young girl (underage lol) but then got nervous and deleted it so I will not be banned.

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    angie b

    Frustrating!! I get no response to my question. I would like to post but do not want to be banned. I have only been able to join one private group but would like to be in more. If sharing or trading with a member of those groups would help to get me in then I will do that to show that I am who I say and no more lol. Help!!

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    robert burns

    how do i get access to underground site

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      I am not officially admin in here but i know that people arent banned.
      warning if necessary but you know here is not google plus you wont be deleted without reasons>
      What i can say is we are not hidden (not for the moment) So its up to you and every posters to not cross the line.
      and as far as i know two people have been banned from here so far they were blackmailig and insulting girls in private
      I wish i answered your question

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      At the last new, team was working on a real hidden underground side which is here
      all i can say is it will be very private and also the whole site would soon take a turn and change
      but i can’t officially tell more
      youll get an information

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    DJ Blue

    Can someone add me or invite me to the underground group please? Thank you 🙂

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    Pls add me to the group

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    Can someone add me or invite me to the underground group please? Thank you ?

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    I would like to added in the group also.

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    Can someone please add me also to the group. Thanks

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    hello am from germany would like to be in secret group love young girl bin grandpa

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    i will like to be in the secret group.please add me

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    Could some please add me to the underground groups. Thank you

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    are there realy a site called under ground?.i try and try ,but nothing??? please help

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