Dare to install dating functions on willappy ?

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    Hey all! We plan to add dating functions onto willappy.com, including :

    • Members location (optional)
    • Members Gender
    • Members wishes (true relationship / sex date /etc)
    • Members fetishes kink and taboo (anything)

    A forum topic have been settled in order to gather your wishes about dating functions.

    We are, of course, interested by your opinion.

    Tell us what you think about now !

    Thanks a lot !

    Willappy team.

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    Good idea

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    Mirek Willing

    Sehr gute idee

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    Heck yes!!!!

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    I absolutely love the idea. I’m recently divorced and I have realized that a lot of women on willappy have the same interests, at least sexually that I have. Trust and believe, that’s a huge positive compared to my ex-wife. I’m definitely more sexually evolved and need a bad ass lady in the streets and a freak in the sheets. Lol

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    And the subject to make willappy a real dd/lg meeting site is back in the team discussion

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