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    Hello, I’m Angelica but you probably know me as @origine I am very annoyed because I am in the willappy.com team and we have troubles.

    First : we had problems about the behavior of some members of the staff. The result is :
    @nyakitten is not part of the team anymore
    – I don’t know if @will (our webmaster) will come back
    And to be honest I think I will be alone to care about willappy.

    Second : we have a big problem with this question of Google plus registration and many users account may be blocked soon if we don’t migrate those. The problem is : I fucking don’t know how to do this!!!

    Third : someone made wrong manipulations in willappy administration, result : some functions are not working correctly anymore and some menus are doing weird things. I hope I can find how to solve this.

    What I will need from you guys is that you collaborate when I’ll ask you to do some specific actions in order to migrate your account if needed.

    Thanks a lot.
    Angelica (@origine)

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    Matthew Lloyd

    I am wondering if some of the content my be illegal I like the site but now days you have to watch out.

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      Will happy

      Hello Matt when you see something illegal on the site you can just click on report user

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