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    Why do people like being spanked? It has more to do with just the feeling of pain one feels. The area of the buttocks that meets the back of the thigh is considered an erogenous zone and if contact is made with the right amount of pressure and frequency, it can result in arousal for many people. Spanking though elicits a whole array of psychological responses as well. It can take us back to our childhood, make us feel loved or humiliated, which many people find a turn on. It can also be a part of domination and submission with the partner administering the spankings taking total control. Whatever it is that we enjoy about spanking, it’s a common fetish, making it number five on the list.

    And you… would you like to spank(me) ?

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    hm…. yes spanking good!

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    I love to give a well placed spanking. But the timing and placing has to be right. To generate that sense of situation. Is it a move back to childhood, is it a sense of domination that you are trying to create. But yes there are spots that seem to elicit more arousal, confirming the theories that there are erogenous points to be struck.

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    Spanking is good, spanking activate blood !

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