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Our site is in danger, please read this :

>>Our site is in danger, please read this<<

Dear willappy members.

The website you are actually browsing has been made by a daddy and his little one (will happy and Nya kitten) and other helpers I will present to you later with their authorization.

The purpose of this site is to make our visitors happy as we are, yes we are happy even if we often argue. We want all of you to find happiness in here.

Willappy is now 8 months old and we are trying to make it run the best, even we are not professionals.

We encountered many problems which belong to the past now, however our website is still menaced. I will tell you more but first I want to tell you about our projects.

1st I want t organize a daddy/little girl speed dating. And it’s a hard work.

2 nd I want to set a contest : the one billion kinky pictures and videos contest.

3 I will soon add dating functions on willappy

4 we will organize a web conference with users interested in willappy’s future soon. You will be invited.

(I’ve got other ideas of events)

We need you !

Let me be clear with you :

First we need to find some money if we want to keep the site alife that’s why we did put some adds and also why access to archive is not free, actually 1$ soon 1.90

Second : the purpose of this site is to be useful and fun for anyone male or females, we had more girls at the beginning but they were bothered about some jerks. I agree this is a kinky site, it’s not a reason to act dumb with

How can you help us if you think we deserve it ?

You can :

  • Be active on the site
  • Visit our sponsors, links and banners you can see everywhere on the site
  • Share our articles and bring us new members
  • Buy galleries access in our shop.
  • Donate soon
  • Tell us your advice

There is an affiliate system on the site, you can easily create your link and make money you can spend in our shop.

I will soon set a system of points, then active members will be rewarded.

Best regards


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