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Before we start, welcome coctail and admin speech.

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    Will happy

    Willappy will open his doors in a couple of days, and this is the moment I chose to take a little break, present our team to you and say thank you.

    First, our team.

    Ladies first,

    Angelica, hidden behind @origine profile, is with us since the begining. I should say she is the origine, I created Will make you happy on google plus to help her when she were in trouble with google one year ago. Actually responsible of our friendly relationships will be soon facebook community manager

    Nya Kitten, who gaves a lot of herself, and I hope she will join us soon.

    Hana Teddybear, who made a lot of things, and helped a lot. Promoted twitter and tumblr community manager.

    (that sound serious right?)

    And now the ugly desperate guys:

    NeoVibe web dev, maybe the guy who gave the more of his blood on this project.

    Chup chew who made miracles when we were in the worse shit.

    Alex The shadow man, always working in background.

    Thank you all for the good job.

    Also the new guys in the group, arrived a week ago at the right moment when we lost our server and all our work, and they saved the situation :

    Daddy Bear and his cutie Janna.

    Very special ovation thank’s to them, they saved us. and we’ll pay them back.

    And also, the last arrived in team : RogerW who is just starting with us and looks like very motivated to do a good job !
    Thank you guy.

    So yes, we lost a big part of the previous project, we also lost 2 web dev guys, a lot of google and twitter accounts and communities (fucking censorship).
    But we never lost motivation.

    We are restarting now, with this new project and we will make you happy!

    That’s all folks!

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    Hana Teddybear

    Promoted… 🙂
    Shit wait I’m gonna put my cocktail dress on and…
    I’ll be back!

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    Hana Teddybear

    Hey… I answered to this but i don’t find what I wrote anymore…

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    Thank you, just trying to do the best job I can, I want to see this be the best site ever. Thank you for giving me the chance to be apart of this.

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    Thank you Will, I’m touched.
    And hum I should write a speecht Like hum… I am proud, so proud to be part of the gang etc.
    But you know what, my eyes hurt, my back hurt, I’m broken 🙂
    But happy and glad to be part of the stuff.

    Tons of kisses everyone.

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    thank all you did great work!

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      Will happy

      Thank you, i would be glad to count you in our team, if you keep on thinking about.

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