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How to get your mysterious secret galleries

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    Hello again,
    We recently added the mysterious secret galleries on willappstore and you probably wonder about.
    So how does it works ?
    First you put an order for the mysterious secret gallery of your choice from 100 mb to 100 Gb
    Attention : you dint need to put your real personal informations but we need a real email.
    After you ordered, we transmit your email address to a third party guy you can trust, we don’t give your personal informations.
    You will receive an email from beautifulstreet.candids[@]Gmail.com
    And then, you’ll receive an email inviting you to make your choice between different kinks and taboos.
    You decide about the content, it’s on demand.
    We don’t know what you’ll receive, it’s between you and the sender.
    Feel free to put your questions here.
    Check out the mysterious secret galleries now : /product-category/msg/

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