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Illustrated erotic story : I love my job!

Illustrated erotic story : I love my job!

I used to read penthouse forum and the stories were hot and made me horny but I never believed any of it was real because that shit doesn’t happen in real life, at least not mine. Until lately.

Hi, I am john, a middle aged (37) electrician and I have my own company, which in this case means I do all the work. I keep it small and simple and have personal relations with all my customers and when I need an extra hand i pick up a mexican by home depot where they wait for work every morning.
I am divorced (twice) and have a beautiful 10 year old daughter and I have a girlfriend a few years younger, that wants to be married but i just divorced for the second time little over a year ago.
I work for a lot of rich people who don’t care about cost within reason but trust is a big issue and once you get a reputation for doing good work AND being trustworthy the jobs just keep coming. I take care of their security, cameras, even change their light bulbs for them. I don’t mind getting paid $125 an hour to change light bulbs!
One of my clients has nannies and maids from his hometown in Panama, and the nonstop beautiful women I see at work was a nice perk.

One of these women had a 14 year old daughter that was plain gorgeous.

She looked at least 20 and a body that was perfect. I first met Camille while I was changing light bulbs by the pool where she was swimming with a boy about her age. When she got out my jaw dropped and my cock raised! She laid in a pool recliner and the boy sensually applied lotion to her backside. My dick got harder watching him and how close he was sliding his hand by her pussy. As he rubbed lotion on her legs she spread her legs apart and he slid his hand between them and slowly moved up until the back of his hand was touching her bikini right on her pussy.

About then his mother came out and told him he needed to do his homework and he reluctantly went inside.
I worked my way near where she was laying and got a nice view of her camel toe trough her bikini and her ass was perfect an ass I have ever seen. She rolled over and saw me for the first time and it kind of startled her and she sat up her big tits barely held in by the bikini top and her nipples showing a little.

“Hi” I said, “Don’t mind me, I am just doing a little maintenance on the pool and deck. I’m John, the electrician.”
She said “Oh Okay” and I think she noticed my big bulge she had given me because she looked very uncomfortable and immediately pulled the towel on her covering her hot body up.

“I have to go” she told me and went inside.

I started finding reasons to work there just to catch a glimpse of her, she really had gotten to me and I was a little obsessed with her but she didn’t seem to care for me at all, always avoiding me if she even knew i was working there.

One day though while working on the security system it happened to come across some video of her from the security cameras. She was in a sunroom in the part of the house where the help stayed and she had some tiny little shorts on and a halter top. I was admiring her and starting to rub my cock a little when the boy from the pool came into the sunroom with her and in nothing flat he had her halter top off and she was on her knees sucking his cock!

I was shocked to see this since I had pictured her as a sweet little virgin girl and before long he was jizzing all over her tits.

I watched it again and jacked off wishing it was me when I realized she wouldn’t want this to be seen by anyone else. I thought about that as I finished working and the next day I came back pretending to be updating security software. I was there for Camille though and couple of hours after I arrived I saw her in the library dusting. I went in and saw we were alone and went over to her.

“Camille, I think you need to come with me to security room where i need to show you something.”
“I am working now and cannot stop” she replied, looking at me with a look of annoyance on her face, which I found to be very hot!

“Why you always working by where I am when you work here? I don’t think you should do that!”
“Well Camille, I think you may change your mind about that when you see what I have to show you.” I calmly replied. I pulled out my phone which had a clip of her on it getting sprayed with the boys cum.

“Here is a small part of it” I told her giving her the phone after I started it. She took it and watched it and the color drained out of her face so fast I thought she may pass out.
“No! No!” she said emphatically in a loud whisper.

“You cannot show this! I will be sent home and mama too!”

“Come with me” is all I replied and I turned and headed for the small room with the security equipment in it. She followed me and I heard her crying as I opened the door and let her go in before me. I shut the door and pointed to a chair for her to sit at and I started the video for her and she was bawling when it was over.

“I believe it is my responsibility to hand this over to Mr. Venezuela. I doubt he would appreciate what he sees.”
“Please No! Please!” she begged, looking sexy even when she cried!
“Take off your top” I said.
“Your blouse. your maid outfit top. take it off for me.”
She gave me a defiant look and I picked up my phone.

“OK, have it your way” I said and started tapping my phone.

“No No!” she grabbed my hands and took the phone setting it on the table. Then she started unbuttoning her blouse. She stood there in her bra looking at me looking at her ..and I said

“Now the skirt”
She didn’t say a word, she pulled it down and her tits looked unbelievalble in her bra as she bent over to pull her skirt off.
“Sit down” I told her as I sat back on the table. “Let me see you play with yourself” I said. “spread your legs and make your pussy wet!” She started rubbing her lacy thong panties and I started rubbing my cock a little, which was hard as a rock.
“Take off your panties and finger your pussy!” I told her.

After she did that i told her to get on the table and I spread her legs and fingered her wet pussy for her and then I knelt down and started licking and kissing it and at last I plunged my tongue as deep in her as I could, and she tasted better than I imagined her to.

I ate her pussy for a while and then I told her to kneel on the floor and when she did i stood in front of her and grabbed her hand putting it on my pants on top of my hard cock.

“Pull out my cock and suck it until I cum on your tits like your little boy did!”

She unfastened my pants and pulled out my cock, wrapping her lips around it and started bobbing her head up and down on it.

“That is nice,” I told her, “You make my cock feel wonderful!” I grabbed her head and started fucking her mouth and I saw fear in her eyes as I held her head firmly and pumped my cock in and out of her mouth. That made my cock a little harder yet! I loved seeing the fear in her eyes!

I reached behind her and unsnapped her bra freeing her tits for my pleasure and I sat down and had her put her titties around my cock and I titty fucked her for a while and then I told her to suck some more and she did until I was ready to cum.

video : A beautiful busty girl undreessing and posing for the camera just like Jack’s french girls 

I pushed her head down when i shot my first load and she grunted in protest and I let off before the second shot but it still got her lips and nose and the rest went in her hair to her tits and my cum was drooling from her mouth.

“We will do this once a week” I told her while I pulled my pants up.

“You will obey me and do what I want or I give video to your boss!”
She looked at the floor, my cum all over her, and said nothing.
“See you next week” I said, and left.

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  1. Very good story makes me wet…

  2. thank you! and i love the fact i did something that got you wet!

  3. A very good exciting story, I wish I can read more of you rock, thank you


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