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I want to download galleries for free !

hey well, it looks like you’ve got some nice pictures galleries on willappy, but the thing is : I don’t wanna pay for !

You can get all the galleries we spread onto the willappstore for free… It’s easy!

You just need to sign up to our affiliated program  :

It’s simple visit this page on order to set your affiliated link it takes less than a minut : willappy affiliated area

Once you created your link you can share it and start earning money. You can visit the willappy affiliated area every time you need to check your stats.

You can spread your link on your own site, onto some social network like google+ Facebook or Twitter or using emails.

You spread your link and get incomes every time you bring us a new member and, every time an affiliated of yours buy things on the willappy kinky store

Bring us new users and trade the money you earn thought the affiliated program vs galleries from your shop !

Would you like it?

Don’t waste your time, start now!

Willappy team

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  1. I’m not sure if i’m doing something wrong but whenever I click that link it takes me to next page however it says that page doesn’t exsist. Can you give instructions please, thank you


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