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Nya Kitten’s Easter Offer!

  1.    Happy Easter, our dear members!

With Easter around we decided to bring for you some amazing offers!

As you obviously noticed, we are on our way of opening an online shop and It will also be ready very soon. Anyway this is Nya’s Easter offer and she wants to give you her services :’3 Wonder what?

Have you ever wanted to stare at your nude portrait ? Well I want to give you this occasion. I’ll draw whatever what you ask for. From nudes ( don’t be shy) to portraits with family. Your personal pictures will not be used in any purpose but guide for drawing.

I can draw from realistic to cartoon and doodle style and I can use graphite pen, ink, ball pen, markers, tempera, acrylic or oil.

All prices will be negociated but i will not price only after the requested piece, I include materials in calculating a proper price also. In case you want it physicaly delivered, i would gladly bring it to you.

I can sell you this service trought feverr as a freelance : give me your email in a private message @nyakitten i will send you an invitation


You can buy my services directly on willappy e-shopping

Check out this self portrait 🙂

Dont be affraid to contact me @nyakitten and make me propositions !

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  1. I wish you à good Luck with your art !


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