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Ebook pdf : The rapist chapter 1 – fictive story of melissa raped at 23 years old,

The rapist – fictive story of melissa 23 years old, raped by a friend is  not a true story, none of the characters in this text are existing.

(young girl raped, taboo story ebook)



Call me Melissa. I’m 23 with medium length red hair and a 34D-24-32 body.

I’m 5’5″ and 118 lbs. I work as a cocktail waitress at night and usually walk

home late at night and alone. The bar I work in has a caveman motif and my

uniform is high black heels, black, thigh high nylons, a short yellow skirt

which is basically just a piece of cloth tied around my waist which shows the

top of my nylons and when I bend over, my purple g-string. I live in the city

and the streets are usually deserted by the time I get off work. I wear a long

coat when I walk home to cover the short skirt, black tights and low cut

blouse that I have to wear for work. I’m always worried walking home so

late alone, but I don’t have any choice.

The bar I work at closed for remodeling a few months ago. We were closed

for a week and I had no plans other than to relax at home for the week and

not be bothered by anyone. It had been a long night at the bar. There had

been this one customer who I had never seen in the bar before who had kept

telling me how beautiful I was and how perfect my legs and ass were and

how he loved the way my tits were pushing up out of my tight blouse. He

drove me nuts hitting on me like this all night. As the night had gone on he

started telling me that he made ” films” and that he wanted me to be in one.

I finally told him to fuck off and cut him off from any more drinks.

It was particularly late that night when I got off work for the week and I was

exhausted and just concentrating on getting home, looking at the ground in

front of me as I walked and not paying attention to my surroundings. I had

made the walk so many times that I could do it with my eyes shut. That’s

when it happened. It still bothers me to think about it and it forever changed

my sex life.

rape- young girl raped

young girl raped

I was passing an alley and didn’t see the van parked just inside the alley. Just

as I was passing the alley I was hit hard where my shoulder meets my neck

from behind. I fell to the ground almost unconscious. He grabbed me from

behind, covering my mouth and putting a knife to my throat after holding it

up in front of my face. I wanted to scream, but I was too terrified to even

struggle, never mind scream. He pulled me into the van and punched me

until I was unconscious. I don’t know how long I was out for. When I came

to I was blindfolded, my wrists were tied behind my back to my feet up

between my legs and up to my neck and I was gagged. The rope around my

neck was tied in a slip knot so if I struggled I choked myself and it dug deep

into my crotch, giving me a rope burn on my pussy. I was scared to death. I

could tell we were moving.

After a long time the van stopped. I heard the sliding door open and I was

picked up by the rope. It dug hard between my legs and I tried to scream,

but it was choking me and I couldn’t. I was carried into a building and

thrown onto a bed. I heard a door close and lock and I could hear things

being moved around but couldn’t tell what was going on.

Then the voice whispered in my ear, ” This room is soundproof. If you scream

no one will hear you and I’ll punish you for it.” The voice sounded familiar

but I couldn’t place it. They took off the gag and I breathed heavy and fast to

catch up for lost breaths. I could hear them walking around the bed and I

heard clothes rustling. Then I heard something that sounded like a VCR being

turned on.

I heard them walk back to the bed and they grabbed my face. ” We’re gonna

have fun……lots of fun… you never had before…” and I felt a hand

between my legs, sliding along side the rope that was digging into me

through my g-string, ” yeah, lots of fun…..”

” Please don’t…..don’t hurt me…” I pleaded.

” Oh, not yet, that’s later….” the voice replied. Now I was even more scared.

They caressed my cheek, then I felt something else touching my face. It left a

wet streak on my cheek and I knew what it was. They touched it to my lips

and I jerked away.

” Don’t….please stop…..” They grabbed the rope around my throat and

tightened it, making me gasp for air, opening my mouth wider. That’s when

they stuck it in. It seemed huge and filled my throat until I felt a body

pushing against my face, shoving it all the way in. I gagged but they just held

it in. I felt like I couldn’t breathe and started to cry. They started sliding it in

and out, gagging me each time they pushed. I struggled hard to pull away

and managed to get it out of my mouth long enough to gasp for air. Then I

felt a hard slap across my face.

” So you need convincing! Ok we’ll just teach you a lesson then! Let’s see

how you like this!” I felt my blouse being torn open and my bra being ripped

apart, exposing my breasts. Then I felt them licking and sucking on my

breasts until I felt something clamp down on one of my nipples. It was

excruciating and I screamed from the pain. ” So you wanna make noise? I

told you not to scream…..” and I felt the other nipple get clamped. They

slapped my face hard with their still wet dick.

” Still don’t wanna suck it?” and they grabbed the rope around my neck

again, shoving it down my throat again.

As they slid it in and out, they started pulling and flicking the clamps on my

nipples, then yanked hard on the rope between my legs, nearly cutting me in

half. They pounded in and out of my mouth, inflicting pain on my nipples and

pussy the whole time. It took forever, at least half an hour. They pulled my

hair like a handle for my head and every once in a while would pull out of my

mouth to beat my face with their dick. Then they would slap my tits, my face

and pull the pussy rope, leaving me rope burned in my pussy and between

my thighs. Then I could feel it building in the cock deep in my throat as they

started to cum. They shot the first load all the way into my stomach, it felt

like gallons. Then they pulled out and came all over my face, neck and tits. I

tried to spit it out. They grabbed my chin and held my mouth shut.

” Oh no…you swallow what I give you….” and they pinched my nose shut so I

couldn’t breathe. Then they rubbed the cum from my breasts and neck up

and down on my throat, forcing me to swallow. Once I swallowed they stood

up and began beating my face with their dick again, slapping me with it like a

rubber stick, leaving welts all over my face.

I laid on the bed covered in cum shaking, crying, whimpering. ” pleasssee


” Oh, but that was just the first scene, we’ve barely started.” That’s when I

recognized the voice. It was the man from the bar, which meant that the VCR

sound I heard must have been a videocamera. The terrifying realization hit

me that he was filming himself raping me.

” Why are you doing this to me?” I asked through my sobs.

” Because it sells for big money bitch. You had your chance to be a star

voluntarily, now we do it my way. This could have been fun for you, too bad.

But, this is bigger money when I’m done with you, big bucks”

” Please let me go….please…” I sobbed.

” Oh not yet, we have lots of time, you don’t have to be back at work for a

week and I have a movie to make.” He leaned down close to my ear and said,

” Tell me, what’s the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done?” I just let out a

whimper and started to cry. ” Fine, we’ll just have to test your limits.” He

jumped up and said ” don’t go anywhere” in a mocking tone and I heard the

door shut. It was a long time before he came back, I couldn’t tell how long,

but the cum had dried on my face, neck and breasts.

” Ready for round two?” he flicked at the nipple clamps he had left on me. My

nipples felt almost numb until he touched them, then the pain returned even

worse and I let out a little scream, then breathed in quickly so as not to make

him mad.

” Good, you’re learning……What shall we do this scene eh? I have a list of six

things we’re gonna do and you get to pick, in a way.” He cut my wrists loose

from the rest of my body and brought them around to the front, then tied

them together again. My ankles were still tied together and were still tied to

my throat and between my legs. He took my hand and put something in it, a

small cube. ” Roll the dice bitch and we’ll see what you get to do next.”

” Please let me go, I won’t tell anyone about this, please.”

Slap! across my face knocking me to the bed. ” Roll the dice bitch!” I let the

die fall from my hand. ” Six!” he exclaimed ” well, right to the top!”

He grabbed me by the rope, again giving me a rope burn between my legs

and choking me. He positioned me on the bed, then cut my ankles apart.

Then he tied each leg to its own rope and pulled my legs almost straight up

so that only my neck and head were still touching the bed. I was suspended

upside down with my legs spread far apart.

He stuck a knife under the rope that was against my pussy, sliding it up and

down the length of my pussy before he cut the rope. Then he grabbed my gstring

and tore it off me, leaving welts where it tore. With my legs spread far

apart he started whipping my inner thighs, pussy and ass with a leather

whip. It stung badly and I could tell he was leaving marks. Then he licked up

and down my thighs, stopping at my pussy for a while, then sticking his

tongue up my ass. I pleaded with him to stop, but he just hit me with the

whip wherever he was licking when I said anything.

Then he said, ” Ok cocktail waitress, time for me to bring you a drink.” I had

no idea what he meant. I heard something that sounded like a liquor bottle

opening. Then he grabbed my legs and pulled them even farther apart.

I felt something sliding up and down the crack of my ass, then he spread my

cheeks really far apart, so much it felt like he was ripping my ass open. Then

I felt it go in, a tube of some kind at least an inch in diameter. I screamed

and tried to squirm away but he just hit me square on the pussy with the

whip harder than ever. He shoved the tube deep into my ass, I could feel it in

my stomach.

” Yeah, you like that don’t you bitch…..” he shoved it in and out, tearing my

hole as he did it with no lubricant at all. Then I felt a rush of liquid running

into me through the tube. It filled my anal cavity and washed all through me,

I could feel it climbing up inside me, washing through my body. ” Have a

drink on me..” he snickered. Then I felt the burning inside me.

” What did you do?” I asked terrified, ” what was that? I said starting to


” Oh I just made you a little drink. You like whiskey don’t you? You just drank

a pint of it..” he laughed. ” you just hang there and let that take effect, then

we’ll play another round of dice.” and he slapped me hard on the ass, then

my pussy. I didn’t know what to do, he had just put a pint of whiskey into my

ass and it burned. I could feel it entering my blood stream and started to feel

the effects of the alcohol. It only took a few minutes before I was completely

drunk, my head was spinning. I heard him come back and he cut me down

but held my ass up in the air. I felt his tongue in my ass again. He started to

let me down with his tongue in my ass until I was sitting on his face. He

sucked at my asshole and I felt some of the whiskey shoot into his mouth.

” Mmmmm, that’s good whiskey.” I could tell that it was all over his face as

another load of the juice leaked out of me. Then he turned me over and

pressed his mouth to mine, spewing my ass whiskey into my mouth. I spit it

in his face because I couldn’t stand the taste. He jumped up and started

slapping me hard, all over my body, with his hands and the whip. He beat me

for several minutes.

” Roll the dice again!” and he slapped me hard across both of my still

clamped breasts. I just dropped the die again. ” Ah, so you want the pussy of

a little girl, smooth and hairless….”

He ran his hand up and down my pussy, sliding his finger in and out, then

grabbed at my pussy hair and ripped out a handful. This was the most painful

thing yet and I let out an anguished scream. He pinned my shoulders to the

bed, sitting on my chest and shoved his cock into my mouth.

” Shut up bitch! If I wanna hear anything out of your mouth I’ll cum in it and

listen to you swallow!” He picked me up and carried me to a post where he

tied my hands above my head to some sort of hook. Then he grabbed one leg

and stretched it way out to one side and tied it to something to keep it there,

then he did the same with the other leg so that I was suspended with my

legs stretched as far apart as they would go. My leg muscles were tearing

from the stretch and I was really spinning from the alcohol now. I felt limp.

Then I felt the electric clippers shaving the hair from my pussy. After that the

razor shaving me clean.

” That’s a good little clean shaven girl” I slumped my head forward trying to

keep my senses as the alcohol was nearly making me black out.

He put the die in my mouth and said ” Roll again!” I spit it out.

” Four! Ooooh, you like showers do you…..” He cut me down and threw me on

the floor, pulling my hands down under my back. He straddled my chest and

tapped at my mouth with his cock. I was too drunk to struggle and opened

my mouth. He started mouth fucking me, pulling out and fucking my tits

hard, holding them together around his cock by the clamps, ravaging my

chest, then shoving it back down my throat. He rubbed his cock and balls

softly over my face and I could feel that he was lightly stroking himself as if

urging something to happen. He let out a breath and I felt it wash over my

whole face. He was pissing all over my face and tits.

I could feel it running all over my body and down my sides. Then he came

back to mouth and I tried to turn away but he forced himself into my mouth

and pissed down my throat. When he pulled out I was gagging on his piss,

the warm salty taste permeating my mouth and running down my cheeks

into my hair, ears and down my neck.

He put the die in between my tits and said ” Roll again” I heaved my chest up

so the die would move. ” Five! Heh heh heh” he sneered in an evil tone.

He shoved several fingers in my pussy and one up my ass and lifted me off

the floor pushing my face back into the post. Again he tied my hands above

my head, this time facing the pole. He walked away for a minute then came

back and set something heavy down, like a bag of stuff. He reached around

and ripped the nipple clamps off, then put one on my clit. The pain was

terrible and I started to cry. Then I felt the sting of a much longer whip

across my ass. I collapsed from the pain.

” Two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten!” he counted off as he beat

my ass nearly bloody. Some of the stings were to my inner thighs and once

he cracked it right up between my legs stinging my pussy like a knife. Then

he stopped and rubbed my pussy.

” Oh, does that help?” he whined, shoving in four fingers at once.

Then he got down between my legs and started to lick my pussy, tugging on

the clamp on my clit. After all I had been through, this actually felt good,

comparatively, and I hoped that he would just do this for a while, rather than

some other horrible torture. But he stopped. He spun me around and grabbed

hard at my tits. Then he tied a rope around both of them, pulling them

together and cutting off the circulation in my tits. Then I felt the whip again,

right across both breasts. Five times he hit me, cracking on my left nipple

directly once. I could tell he had drawn blood when he hit the nipple because

I could feel it running down my tit. He lit a cigarette and went back to licking

my pussy. Again I was happy that he wasn’t beating me and almost enjoyed

the pleasure of not feeling pain for a moment. He pulled my lips far apart and

licked deep inside me as I let myself feel good for a moment. Then I heard

the sizzle of his cigarette going out inside me. It burned bad and I jumped up

and down at the pain wishing it would just stop. The alcohol had really set in

now and I was barely awake anymore, like a bad dream. I felt something

cold on my breasts, cold and hard, frozen but cock shaped.

“Here baby, let me cool that off for you,” and he shoved the frozen object

deep into my pussy. The cold helped the burning I was feeling inside me. He

pulled it out and said ” Oh wait a minute, I forgot the best part.”

This time when it went in me it felt rough, like it was covered with hard

bumps, some sort of condom with big stiff bumps all over it, like gravel. He

rammed it in and out of me extremely fast, tearing my inner walls with every

thrust. I was getting raw inside very fast and again I was suffering in pain.

He grabbed my left leg and brought my knee up to my face, then tied it to my

neck so I was doing the splits standing up. Then he started in again with the

frozen thing and its nubs. This time he started licking around it as he fucked

me with it. I was reeling from the booze he had pumped into me earlier and

couldn’t have kept my balance if he hadn’t held me up. I couldn’t hold my

head straight anymore, either from the booze or the torture or the sheer

terror I was experiencing. He pulled out the frozen thing and shoved

something else inside me.

” Roll again” he said. I realized it was the die that he had stuck in me. I

pushed it out with what little strength I had left in my pussy after the savage

fucking I had just received. I heard it fall to the floor.

” Three! So you like it in your ass eh? Good, we can do that.”

” No…..” I tried to talk, but my words were slurring.

He took me down from the post and tied me face down on the bed with my

legs doing the splits. He put a pillow under my stomach to poise my ass high

in the air. I felt his tongue darting around my pussy from behind. Then I felt

it reaching up my ass.

” Please…….” I whispered, unable to do anything more.

” Please what? Please stick my dick in your ass? Ok.” and he rammed it in like

he was driving a nail. He was long and thick and it felt like my stomach would

burst from him. I could feel it in my back, too, pressing against my spine. He

pushed in all the way and held it, throbbing deep inside me. I felt him touch

my pussy with something. Then he shoved hard and filled my pussy with it. It

pressed against his cock already deep in my ass and I felt like I was going to

explode, or tear apart. Then the huge thing in my pussy started vibrating

hard and fast.

” You like that bitch?” It was vibrating against my already sore inner walls

and felt like salt on an open wound. I could barely move anymore from being

stretched and tied in so many directions. I buried my face in the bed and

cried quietly so I wouldn’t make him mad. He started fucking my ass again

with long hard strokes, each one feeling like it went deeper into my anal

cavity, tearing at my insides, making my stomach well up into my throat. He

fucked me this way for hours, stopping before he came to beat my ass with

the whip and shove the vibrator deeper into my pussy, tearing my cervix.

Sometimes he would untie one leg and roll me over shoving his ass slicked

dick into my mouth saying ” Lick it clean so I can do it again….”

Then he would tie me back and fuck me harder. He stopped for a minute and

I could hear rubber snapping. Then I knew what it was. He had taken the

rubber off the frozen thing and put it on his dick. I felt it when he first

started to put it in and I tried to squirm away, knowing how it had torn my

pussy walls up so badly. But he grabbed my still tied tits and yanked hard on

them, hurting so bad that I just cried and went limp under him. He pinched at

my nipples and yanked hard away leaving them hurting for a long time.

Then he shoved it in my ass with more force than before and I felt something

rip as he did it. I buried my face and screamed into the bed as he ravaged my

ass with the sadistic condom. Then he pulled out and pulled off the condom,

shoving his dick back in my ass up to my throat it seemed. He fucked me

harder than ever, shoving the vibrator deeper and deeper into my pussy

practically into my uterus. He fucked me hard and fast for a long time this

way, then while he was reaming my ass, he untied my legs and without even

pulling out of me turned me over still fucking as hard as ever and biting my

still tied breasts hard.

Then he started to cum. He let loose one load up my ass and it shot up deep

inside me filling me with a warm feeling. Then he pulled out and shoved it in

my mouth, grabbing my head and fucking my face frantically until he spewed

down my throat, in my face and on my tits. He rubbed his wet dick all over

me while he fingered my ass and continued to fuck my pussy with the


He tied my arms and legs apart spread eagle and suspended about six inches

off the bed. I could feel his cum draining out of my ass, dripping out of me,

the rest of it drying all over my face and chest. I hung there for at least an

hour before he came back.

” Ok bitch tell me which pain you liked best and we’ll do it again” I just

sobbed, beaten, raped and humiliated. ” What’s that you say? You like my

cock in your ass?”

” Nooo……” I whimpered, ” please not again….”

” Oh, you don’t want my cock up your ass?”

” No, please don’t….” I begged, crying and sobbing.

” Are you sure?”

” Pleeeeeassee……don’t”

” Ok, your choice.” I heard him fumbling with something, then I felt it.

Something huge pressing against me. I was terrified.

” Wha…what’s that, no please don”'” and he shoved it in. It was twice the

size of his cock it seemed and my already torn asshole spread even farther

when he rammed it deep into my anal canal. It filled me up so much I almost

puked. Then I felt his cock pushing its way into my raw pussy walls. He held

it there a second, then I felt something else being shoved into my pussy, a

small vibrator, maybe one inch in diameter, pressing itself between his cock

and my ravaged pussy walls, pressing against the huge thing in my ass. He

fucked and fucked me like this forever until he finally came all over me again.

Then he pulled everything out of me all at once making my pussy snap shut.

My ass on the other hand felt like it had been stretched to the point that it

would never close, although it did a while later.

” Alright bitch, I’m tired” he said as he stood up and left the room. This time

he left me tied spread eagle to the bed, tied down really tight. ” I’ll be back

tomorrow for more.”

This went on for a full week and as time went by I started to enjoy the brief

times when it felt good and I became more submissive when there was pain.

By the end of the week he was calling me his well trained little slave slut. I

welcomed sucking his cock because he wouldn’t beat me with it in my

mouth, probably for fear that I might bite down from pain. I began to ask

him to eat my pussy, just to stop him from doing other things to me. He still

insisted on giving me pain and humiliating me, but I began to get more

pleasure than pain as time went on. He would find household items and leave

them shoved up my ass for days at a time. One night he left two vibrators in

me on full speed for hours, overnight. I let myself cum several times that

night to escape from my captivity and torture. He kept me drunk with his

whiskey enemas which helped me to feel like it wasn’t really real, but deep

down I knew it was. At the end of the week he tied me up and left me in the

alley where he had kidnapped me.

Since then, sex has never been the same for me. I have to have the kinkiest,

wildest rape fantasies acted out on me to cum. Only the total domination

over every aspect of my body turns me on and I almost never cum without

something in my ass. I need to find someone who can torture me into ecstacy

every night and fuck me hard in every possible way every day if I’m to ever

have a fulfilled sex life.

Melissa_s Tribulation II


It was early in the morning when Melissa threw back the covers and swung

her feet to the floor. Although it had been quite late when she had finally

gone to bed, and she had slept only fitfully, she knew that it would be useless

to remain in bed. With what she had on her mind, she knew that she would

not be sleeping well for quite sometime to come.

Had it really happened? Had she really been brutally and repeatedly raped

last night by her brother and four of his friends? Yes. Yes, it had happened.

She would like to pretend that it didn’t, but she couldn’t. The pain and

soreness in her body told her that it was real. The short leather coat laying

over the chair in her bedroom also attested to the fact that it had not been a

nightmare. It was the coat that one of the rapists had loaned her to cover

herself after all of her clothing had been utterly destroyed. It had not been

an act of kindness on his part, however. If Melissa had been seen naked in

the streets, the police would have become involved. Loaning her the coat was

an act of self preservation on his part.

Melissa couldn’t stand being cooped up any longer. After cleaning her teeth

and brushing her hair, she got dressed in a white blouse and light blue

trousers and quietly left the house. She didn’t know where she was going.

She just knew that she had to be moving. As she walked, the memories of

last night flooded her mind. Her brother, Sebastian, tricking her into meeting

him at Regent’s Park, then walking her to an area of heavy shrubs where he

raped her. His four friends arriving per his instructions, tearing her clothes

from her body, then raping her vaginally, anally and orally. The five of them

taking her to a pub near Trafalgar Square while she wore nothing but the

borrowed leather coat. Then finally to Saint James Park where they all raped

her again.

In her memory, Saint James Park was the worst part of the night. At Regent’s

Park, she had at least put up a struggle. It was a futile struggle, to be sure,

but she had at least tried. By the time they had reached Saint James Park,

though, she was in a mild state of shock. When Rog had begun opening the

coat she wore, she did nothing. She still did nothing as he removed the coat,

leaving her naked in the night breeze. She did nothing as he began nuzzling

her neck and rubbing his hands over her bare flesh. And she did nothing as

he laid her down in the grass and mounted her. She didn’t scream, she didn’t

fight, she didn’t plead. She lay quietly and allowed him to rape her. And when

he was finished and climbed off of her, she lay still, her legs spread and her

eyes closed, while the other four took turns raping her. How could she have

done nothing? How could she have just laid there?

Melissa had been walking aimlessly, not even aware of where she was going.

Looking up, she saw Big Ben perhaps half a kilometer away. Suddenly, she

wanted out of London. She wanted a small town, fresh air and fields. Big Ben

gave her the idea. Now with an actual destination in mind, Melissa increased

her pace. Reaching Westminster Bridge, she descended the steps to the pier,

where she bought a round trip ticket for the tour boat to Greenwich.

Melissa boarded the tour boat and found a seat near the rail. It wasn’t long

until the boat was full, mostly with tourists, and the lines were cast off. The

passengers included several English tourists from areas outside of London, a

group of French students, three American sailors in white uniforms, and a

Japanese family. Melissa didn’t notice any of them. The boat proceeded down

the Thames River, under Tower Bridge and past HMS Belfast, the British Navy

cruiser that now served as a floating museum. Melissa paid no attention as

the guide with the microphone directed everyone’s attention to the points of

interest along the river. She had no interest in sight seeing and allowed her

mind to wander. Lost in thought, time past quickly. Before she realized it, the

tour boat was pulling into the pier at Greenwich.

Melissa disembarked the boat with the rest of the passengers. Most of them

stopped to see the Cutty Sark, the famous clipper ship held in dry dock as a

tourist attraction. The Japanese family went immediately into a souvenir

shop. The three American sailors headed for the first pub on the street.

Without a glance towards the famous vessel, Melissa walked on, past the

clipper and the small shops and pubs, continuing down King William Walk to

Romney Road. Turning left, Melissa passed by the National Maritime Museum

and the Royal Naval College. When she reached the entrance to Queen’s

House, she turned in to walk through the peaceful gardens.

Strolling slowly through the gardens, Melissa made her way to the rear of

Queens House. From here, she could see the Royal Observatory through the

trees of Greenwich Park. Finding a small passage in the hedges, Melissa left

the grounds of Queen’s House and entered the woods of Greenwich Park. It

was cool and quiet as she strolled among the trees and bushes. Her mind

wandered over a dozen different thoughts without settling on a single one.

“Looking for some company?”

Melissa was startled out of her reverie by the unexpected voice. Looking up,

she saw a good looking young man in a white shirt and trousers standing in

front of her. He wore a round white hat and a neckerchief and had a patch on

his left sleeve with an eagle above three diagonal slashes. It dawned on her

that this was the uniform of an American sailor.

“I asked if you were looking for some company?” he repeated with a smile on

his face.

Melissa suddenly felt the cold stab of fear race through her. Smile or no

smile, this young sailor was dangerous. She knew it instinctively. Spinning to

run back to Queen’s House, Melissa collided with two more white uniforms.

Grabbing her by the arms, they spun her back around and held her.

“Now that’s not exactly friendly, missy. We offer you the company of the U.

  1. Navy’s finest and you try to run away? Nope, that’s just not friendly at all!”

the first sailor sneered.

“Please!” Melissa said. “Please let me go. You don’t understand. You just

don’t understand! Oh, please don’t hurt me!” She could feel the tears burning

her face as the young American moved towards her.

“Now missy, we aren’t going to hurt you. Hell, we’re going to make you feel

wonderful! We’re going to give you a party like you’ve never had before!” he

grinned as he moved towards her.

The thought hit Melissa’s brain full blown. “Not again! Not without a fight!”

As the sailor grew near, Melissa’s right foot shot out, slamming up between

the his legs. She saw the look of pain and shock cross his face as he dropped

to his knees.

“SHIT!” the sailor holding her right arm screamed as she drove the heel of

her right shoe into his instep, causing him to release his grip on her arm.

“NOT AGAIN!” Melissa screamed as she reached up and raked her fingernails

down across the remaining sailor’s left cheek, opening the skin and drawing

four trails of blood. The unexpectedness of the attack, combined with the

pain along his cheek, caused him to ease his grip on Melissa’s arm. Breaking

free, she spun and began running through the woods.

Melissa was running as fast as she could, the combination of fear and

adrenalin making her faster than normal. Still, she could hear the crashing of

brush behind her and she knew at least one of the Americans was after her.

If she could make it to the grounds of Queen’s House before she was

overtaken, she would be safe. Her lungs burning from the exertion, she

continued running, hearing the crashing behind her growing constantly

closer. Up ahead, through the trees, she could just make out the hedges of

Queen’s House. She was close. She was so awfully close!

And then she felt herself falling, arms around her legs in an American style

football tackle. She slammed into the ground full force, driving the air from

her lungs. Then she felt hands grasping the back of her blouse, pulling her to

her feet and spinning her around.

“Bitch!” the sailor with the bleeding face growled as he drove his right fist

into Melissa’s stomach, doubling her over. Before she could collapse to her

knees, he pulled her up straight and punched her in the face, spinning her

around and knocking her to the ground.

Melissa was dazed. She tried to lift herself to her hands and knees, but was

having difficulty. She could taste blood in her mouth from a split lip. She

heard crashing through the brush as the other two sailors arrived.

Dropping to one knee in front of her, the sailor she had kicked in the balls

lifted her from her hands to a kneeling position.

“You think that was funny, cunt?” he hissed as he grabbed her by the throat.

“You think that was fucking FUNNY! You’re going to pay, cunt! You’re going

to pay big time!” With that, he pulled back his arm and hit her with the back

of his hand, knocking her to the dirt.

Melissa had still not recovered as two of the sailors grabbed her under the

arms and began dragging her deeper into the woods. She felt the blood

trickle down her chin as she gasped for breath. She had no idea how far they

had gone when they finally released her, dropping her to the ground. Having

partially recovered, Melissa rolled onto her back and, sitting up, began

backing away from them.

“Please leave me alone!” she pleaded, looking from one to the other. “Oh

please, leave me alone! Y-you don’t understand. You d-don’t! Last

night….last n-night….”

“We don’t give a shit about last night.” one of them told her. “All we care

about is today, and today, you are ours!”

The three of them came at her then, two from each side and the third from

the front. The two at her sides began tearing open her blouse while the one

in front began fumbling with the catch on her trousers.

“NO!” Melissa screamed. She felt her blouse tearing open as she began

flailing with her arms, hitting the sailors to either side of her. She kicked out

with her left foot, grazing the side of the head of the attacker in front of her.

One of them hit her in the stomach again, but still she kept fighting. She

fought as hard as she could, but with three against one odds, her chances

were slim.

“Oh God, please don’t!” she screamed as she felt her trousers being skinned

down her legs and over her ankles. Her blouse was torn from her, leaving her

in only bra and panties. Still she fought on, refusing to give up. She felt hands

grabbing at her underwear, heard the material ripping. And then she was


“Oh, yeah.” the one sailor muttered. “You got a nice bod, sweetheart, and we

know just what to do with it!”

“Oh God, STOP it! Please STOP it!”

The two on either side of her were laying next to her, pinning her arms under

their bodies. She felt their mouths covering her nipples as they began

sucking and chewing on her breasts. The third was laying between her legs,

his arms wrapped around her thighs. She felt his mouth at her crotch, kissing

and licking her upper thighs and lower belly. Then he changed position

slightly, and she felt his tongue moving up and down between the lips of her


“Please don’t!” she moaned as her body squirmed under the mouths of the

three sailors. The one with his mouth on her left breast was flicking his

tongue back and forth over her nipple. The one on her right breast was…

To be continued…

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The rapist – fictive story of melissa 23 years old, raped by a friend Writen by @chloe and @Hana

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