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Ebook pdf : The rapist chapter 2 – fictive story of melissa raped at 23 years old,

The rapist – fictive story of melissa 23 years old, raped by a friend is  not a true story, none of the characters in this text are existing.   Dating with Ladyboys   This story is a part of the rape young girl ebook I am actually witing with the helpof hana(young girl raped, taboo story ebook) Please be waware that it is an essay and it is not perfect, we will complete with pictures and make a real ebook when done. Thank you for your comments. Before reading this, you should read the first part of Melissa’s story Chloe. The one on her right breast was sucking it as deeply into his mouth as he could. Both of them were rubbing a hand over her stomach and lower chest. The one between her legs had found her clitoris and was sucking and licking it, occasionally running his tong...Read More

Nya Kitten’s Easter Offer!

   Happy Easter, our dear members! With Easter around we decided to bring for you some amazing offers! As you obviously noticed, we are on our way of opening an online shop and It will also be ready very soon. Anyway this is Nya’s Easter offer and she wants to give you her services :’3 Wonder what? Dating with Ladyboys Have you ever wanted to stare at your nude portrait ? Well I want to give you this occasion. I’ll draw whatever what you ask for. From nudes ( don’t be shy) to portraits with family. Your personal pictures will not be used in any purpose but guide for drawing. I can draw from realistic to cartoon and doodle style and I can use graphite pen, ink, ball pen, markers, tempera, acrylic or oil. All prices will be negociated but i will not price only after t...Read More

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