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Thinking of daddy

How I miss my daddy while playing alone in the evenings he stays at work a little bit too much.. I begin playing dirty by myself and I try to finish before he’s home but even if I do it, I keep wanting more.. “Ooh daddy …“ First words my mouth is letting out as soon as my fingers touch my pussy thinking it’s your hand… ” …my pussy is burning…. “ I keep rubbing knowing he’s about to come home… Last time he catch me playing alone he didn’t like it, so punished me. Won’t happen this time. I’m so horny I could come Any mome… * doors crack and daddy enters to see me half naked playing * Dating with Ladyboys I get scared and stop suddenly, I cover myself with a blanket and look at him. He approaches the bed and smiles at me. ” Playing alone on my back babygirl? You know you’re my little ba...[Read More]

New group : Domination and Submission

A new group dedicated to Domination and Submission have been created. Dating with Ladyboys Follow : Domination and Submission

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