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Do you want your own facebook like website ?

  Dating with Ladyboys Hi guys. You will probably be interested by this article if you want to create your own social media (facebook, Twitter, Google plus) and you dont really know how to do it. You’ll be even more interested by this article if you want to create your own adult website and you dont really know how to do it. Willappy is still under construction and it’s far to be done, the final result will be awesome. But we take a break for the moment. Let me be honnest. We need funds in order to make willappy run, like every project all this isn’t free. How to find money ? There are multiple choices : Make willappy a paysite (not an option) Request for donation (not sure people would donate) Put adds (do we really want to polluate out website ?)  Propose some usef...[Read More]

Twitter says government requests for your data jumped 52%

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