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Teddy love

The way im waving my own tongue inside my mouth is so pleasing as im starting to write this story thinking about my dear teddy .

The day i got so attached to such an usual thing was the day i first saw it in the toy tarabe .
I came in my homecity from school and my daddy picked me up from train station.
We had to go buy some groceries and driving through the busy afternoon streets , i was wondering why is there so much people.
Daddy told me its a city festival so as we slowly were driving i could see little tarabs selling food, toys, sweets,clothes but this one i fast noticed was fulll FULLL of teddybears !

The first one i saw was a big red teddybear. It had a big heart in the front saying “i love you” and the head was just as big as its body. This was the biggest teddybear along with a bright pink one except the pink one was slighty uglier..


As soon as i saw this i told daddy ” hey look there are tedybearrsss buy me one please please pleaaasseee”
He had a curious look on his face . Probably wondering why am i still asking for a teddy and what did i want to do with it but he didnt ask about anymore.
So he stopped the car and i was very happy going there and trying to look at every toy .
Daddy started negociating with the old gypsy about biggest teddybears. They asked me which one i wanted. I said the red big one and it didnt take too much for my daddy to pay and i got the big teddybear in my arms and hugged it smiling .
It was almost as big as my body and i was happy carying it back to the car. I felt like i had a very flufy friend to hold me when i sleep .

So he drove me home and i went to my room with the teddy and i got in bed.
I made photos of my new teddy and li played with him like it was a real friend. I wanted to try playing with Teddy so i layed Teddy on its backi took my pants and shirt off and i sat on him just as if i sat on my daddys bulge.
I closed my eyes and felt so good on top of such a big puffy teddy.
I rubbed a bit untill i heard the door opening.

“So thats what you wanted the teddy for . ” daddy’s voice said and him looking at me through the cracked door with an inocent smile on his face. I sat there looking at him insecure and i didnt know what to do or what to say. So he slowly walked in getting closer. I wanted to get up and say im sorry but at the same time i wanted my daddy to know what i was thinking about while rubbing on teddy. remaining only with a light tanktop and my panties i watched him watching me watching him. He got close and grabbed my waist . I blushed and i put my hand on his arm . He waved me on the teddy and i followed looking into his eyes a little bit ashamed.
I started rubbing and rubbing and i suddenly noticed wetness under myself.
“Daddy i get the Teddy dirty .. !” I said softly
“Keep going ” he told me.

I kept going untill my pussy was asking for more and my heavy breathing slowly turned into moans of begging. I was slowly melting and he was enjoying to watch this.

“Mm nmhh!…..d..Daddy..!”

…And …

He stopped me .
He slowly got away and walked out the room..

I knew i made a mistake calling him. Now He knew what i wanted. I was wondering what would happen now.

I was worried about what he thinks about but i didnt go to ask him. Soon he returned . He pulled a chair and sat on it .

“Sit on teddy,honey” he said
I did as he told and i asked why .
“Daddy’s gonna watch you now ”

So i started rubing teddy getting wetter and wetter .

“Now get up and show me your panties .”
I got up and he saw them wet just like i peed myself. He came closer and touched them .. not late from yhat he took me in his arms and kissed my neck ..
He sat next to teddy and he put me on his lap.
I could feel his bulge underneath his pants

“Now baby tell me do you prefer daddy or your teddybear? ” he asked

I blushed as soon as i heard this . Even though he already knew the answer, i said i prefer daddy ..
And he let me rub my pussy on his bulge then.. he started kissing my shoulder my neck geting closer and closer to my lips so we kissed gently and passionate . I was hugging him tight and he was guiding my body making me move.

He opened his pants and he pulled out his dick and i could feel how good it felt under my pussy . I rubed on it untill i cummed .
He was surprised that was suddenly but we kept going .. he pulled my panties one side and he rubbed his dick between my pussy lips … we were both so wet he was gonna slide inside but we were careful not to .. we rubbed untill he cummed on my pussy..his sperm was all over my pussy and our clothes..but we still didnt stop

He grabbed me in his arms and he pulled me on bed so i was laying on my back and he was on top of me . He took my tank top off and he kissed my boobs slowly bitting gently as he pulled down our dirty underwear

He got on top of me and rubbed his dick head on my pussy .. that felt too good and i grabed his hair moaning . I started to moan louder but he came closer and shut my mouth with his soft lips slowly entering my pussy .
He fucked me careless about the sperm on our body and he cummed again inside my little pussy .
Then he went down and licked my pussy so good i cummed again .

“I want you play with teddy when i am not around ” he told me huging me tight just like the best daddy in the world he is.


Hope you enjoyed the lecture! :”3

You can contact me for any requests or if you want more photos from me, I would gladly pose for you! @nyakitten

More photo stories of me here

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  1. Awesome awesome awesome I want more and more like this one !

  2. God damn, I love your body Nya. I would sure love to fuck you.

  3. Damn Nya, I want to suck on those hard nipples of yours.

  4. Thank you for sharing your story about your first time with Teddy ?. Is happy now too.?.

    • youre welcome :>

      • Please keep sharing your story. It is helping me see how you and your dad grow up together, as well as all of you guys with the Teddy Bears?!

  5. My pussy aching now think ill try teddy lol .. bery hot story mmm

  6. Nya, you have such a hot fucking body! Every time I see a picture of you I fantasize about eating your pussy and sucking on your lovely breasts.

    • Thank you im happy to hear that id love it so much

  7. Will post more:)

  8. this was SO good! i fmy arm is tired and my keyboard is a mess xD


  10. I’d love to love you

  11. You are so hot……

  12. I am.


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