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Thinking of daddy

How I miss my daddy while playing alone in the evenings he stays at work a little bit too much.. I begin playing dirty by myself and I try to finish before he’s home but even if I do it, I keep wanting more.. “Ooh daddy …“ First words my mouth is letting out as soon as my fingers touch my pussy thinking it’s your hand… ” …my pussy is burning…. “ I keep rubbing knowing he’s about to come home… Last time he catch me playing alone he didn’t like it, so punished me. Won’t happen this time. I’m so horny I could come Any mome… * doors crack and daddy enters to see me half naked playing *

I get scared and stop suddenly, I cover myself with a blanket and look at him. He approaches the bed and smiles at me.

” Playing alone on my back babygirl? You know you’re my little baby slut and only I decide when my little slut cum and who she cum with. Give me a welcome kiss and give me to lick those cute wet fingers. My friends are here baby girl. Will you be a good little girl with daddy’s friends? “

I nod suspicious .. Daddy takes me up,puts me on my knees and pull up my panties .

“ These are soaked in your juices…. Take them down and clean them in front of me.. Don’t put them back but put a nice short skirt on..a room of 6 men is already hot.. “

I clean my panties with tongue and get up. Daddy stops me

” Wait . “

Grabs my tights and smell my pussy like an animal.

”Your whole pussy smells this horny since I said 6 men. Get the skirt. You do wanna make daddys friends happy, don’t you? Good .“

He licks my dripping wet pussy once and then bite the lips of it.. I moan as I take a short skirt and put on and a more transparent white shirt and go where all his friends are. Daddy presents me to his friends then he takes me aside.

He blindfolds me and tell me to stay In place so I sit on the couch nicely blindfolded. After two minutes I hear chairs moving. One more minute and Daddy’s voice is breaking the silence :

” Spread your legs for us, baby.“ I do It a bit and his voice sounds a lot more authoritar when he says ” wider ! “ I stand more exposed on my back on the couch and wait..suddenly I feel warm warm air blown over both of my tights. There are clearly two men. The one on my right side touches my pussy while the other one gives my pussy some licks. Daddy says then

” You can lick and touch her, thrust her only once at a time and cum in her mouth . Who thrusts more than once is kicked out. Only I can cum inside pussy. “ And so they began licking my pussy and rubing with their dicks..

Dicks were around my mouth and I could feel dicks on my pussy untill I felt The first thrust. It was a big one … He did it slowly and so so so deep.. It felt like it didn’t have an ending…. And then it got out soo slowly it was a torturee…. Then the second one who entered fast for me to moan loud and got out slowly slowly.

I knew daddy was watching from someTwhere.

Every dick , one by one, thrusting me only once, was a nightmare I enjoyed with so so much pleasure . And then I felt how one of them was about to cum inside. How I wished that oh how I wanted to see daddy angry! The man pulled out and he came on my chest and after some. Other thrusts, another one who took my head and came In my mouth.. And just like this until I didn’t know how many are they left. And then I felt a different dick.

I took it in my mouth and sucked it nicely then he let me lay on my back and got really close to my ear and with his body in between my legs ..I embraced him and he rubed his dick on my pussy. Then, as he pushed his head inside my hole, whispered in my ear ” I bet your pussy remembers Daddy well. ” and pushed his whole dick inside making me moan of guilt and pleasure… He began fucking me.

He Fucked me both so brutal and gentle but we both couldn’t bare it anymore and he came inside me. It was so hot and he kept his dick well pushed inside. He took away the material covering my eyes and he kissed me. I wanted him to keep staying inside as long as possible … He took a glass and got out my pussy…. Sperm was dripping inside the glass so when it Didn’t Drip anymore, he gave me to drink it then he stood up and put me to suck his dick clean.

:”3 Soooo this was one of my fantasies with Daddy and his friends ..Daddy let me expose anything I wanted to show,  and he said :

“ I want guys to cum on their screens because of you. “


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  1. I couldn’t hold back when dad got you. And him dripping u out is the sexiest thing I havs hear. Envy your dad.

  2. haha >u< Thank you im happy u like


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