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Two months, thousand friendships,150k visits, thousand pictures, welcome

Two months, thousand friendships,150k visits,  thousand pictures, welcome is a social network dedicated to fetishes. Here you can join or create groups, find friends to talk with and exchange around kink, fetishes and taboos…

Yes my friends, even we dont have a lot of members for the moment, almost 10k friendships have been created.

View members list and find Friends to share and talk with.

If you are a new Guy here you probably Wonder how to see other members content and how to share your toughts, your pictures and videos right ?

At first, you should create your own profile, it’s easy it takes two minuts to register on willappy and share uncensored content with others. Use the “explore”page to view daily members kinky content.

just know that people having a good profile with profile picture and header have more chances to find good friendships.

I said hundred pictures… Yes almost 20k pictures of any kind were uploaded on willappy in only two months. You can find them if you browse galeries but not only, a lot of pictures were shared on members profils and onto groups. If you dont find what you are looking for, it probably means you are not friend with the good persons and you dont belong to the good groups.

Use this link to visit kinky galleries on (you can see only public galleries and galleries of your friends)

Talking About users groups… It is a good way to share and find friends to share your kink with.

Feel Free to use this link if you want to visit groups and why not create yours!

Still talking about groups, i want to to make you know that many ready to use groups have been created by willappy team are waiting for a new owner, we didnt create them for our own use and you are really welcome if you want to become The new admin of one of these groups.

Check this forum information if you want to become The owner of a group to go.

All fetishes have a  place on, this is what your kinky social media have been created for, enjoy taboos

But please : read terms of use, that would be sad to lose you because you ignore this…

This is just a begining, your kinky website is fresh and we know we still have things to prove and improve, and…

We will make it ! kinky team.

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