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update April 03 2018


willappy.com is a website dedicated to share and exchange about sexuality, eroticism, fetishism, dating and sex in general.

By registering and browsing willappy.com, you agree that you will encounter sexually explicit or even pornographic content.

And you have the legal age in your country to be able to view such content, no complaint about the nature of the content can be brought against willappy.com, the administrators of willappy.com or willappy rights holders. as long as the content in question is legal.

it is not authorized to use the technical means provided by willappy.com to harm or attack the system, its members or its administrators.

It is not authorized to use the technical means of communication implemented by willappy.com to insult or obtain personal information of members registered on the site willappy.com.

it is not allowed to post sexually explicit content featuring children.

Image and video content involving people under the age of eighteen must have a non-sexual attitude.

Sexually explicit content concerning adults can be posted on profile pages as well as on groups and forums, provided they are distributed with the necessary filters. which means :

  • visible for group members only when dealing with group publications
  • Visible for friends only when it is about posts made on user profiles.
  • Groups sharing explicit content must be private or hidden.

update April 03 2018




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