willappy maintenance status

Actual services statement :

User management and profiles: ok
Private messaging and notifications: ok
Discussion thread (activity):  ok
Sending images OK / galleries Nok / videos: Nok
Groups: ok
Forums: Nok
Galleries archives: Nok
Important : User data is secure and kept out of prying eyes (we do not store any personal data)
The photos and videos are saved and stored off the site, they will be reinstalled once maintenance is completed.

04/13/2018 pictures upload in updates fixed. Now we put the members’ news feed pictures back in place.

03/28/2018 to 04/13/2018 Dozen bug  and security issues fixed

03/28/2018 groups restarted

03/29/2018 / 03/30/2018 member list fixed,  many bugs fixed,

03/28/2018  activity thread restarted

03/24/2018 / 03/26/2018 : Vital functions are restarted and secured

03/23/2018 : partial restore

03/23/2018 : agreement received from the provider we start to investigate the causes

03/13/2018 : emegency back up… now we just can wait.

03/13/2018 : site down – No action possible without the agreement of restarting on the part of our provider.

Willappy shop is now down for maintenance operation. Dismiss